Cali Terpenes Eliquid Amnesia

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Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop, Cali Terpenes E-liquid Amnesia flavour, a base mixture of 90% PG and 10% VG, blended with cannabis terpenes.

This vaporiser e-liquid does not contain any cannabinoid or nicotine. It delivers an aroma emulating Amnesia terpenes profile reliably.

Cali Terpenes E-liquid Amnesia, with Amnesia terpenes profile

The high-quality terpenes are obtained from numerous plants and combined in the right measure to emulate accurately the original aromatic mixture of this cannabis variety.

The terpenes obtained are the same that Cali Terpenes markets in its wide range of strain-specific terpenes, highly appreciated for its quality and for being GMO-free.

The aromatic mixtures have been endorsed by Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau, an expert in cannabinoids, terpenes and vaporisation.

Cali Terpenes Eliquid Amnesia - ready to vaporise or to dilute Rosin or BHO extractions

This e-liquid has an intense citric, fresh and sweet aroma ready to inhale in our vaporiser. It can be consumed directly or used for dissolving our Rosin or BHO concentrates.

We can fully enjoy the flavours of this cannabis strain or the effects of our resin extractions, diminishing the harmful impact that smoke can cause in our respiratory system. Inhaling with a vaporiser is 95% less harmful than tobacco smoke.

Cali Terpenes E-liquid Amnesia info:

  • Vaporiser liquid
  • Flavoured with the Amnesia terpenes profile
  • Created in collaboration with Dr Mariano García de Palau
  • 90% PG 10% VG
  • 10ml bottle
  • Perfect on its own or to dilute Rosin or BHO extractions
  • 0% THC 0% CBD 0% CBD 0% CBN 0% Nicotine

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