Can-A-Wipes cleaning wipes

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Can-a-Wipesare impregnated with a solvent solution designed to clean your hands or your marihuana trimming tools quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to scrape or wipe over and over again with alcohol. Now available in Alchimia.

Designed and made of resistant materials that make them durable for a long time. They are soaked in a product mixture that dissolves the resin from the surface to be cleaned (scissors or your hands), combined with 4 skin conditioning products - used in cosmetics - that keep your hands hydrated and protected, preventing them from drying by the action of the solvents.

They leave your skin scented with a pleasant aroma, a lot more enjoyable than the chemical smell of some cleaners or alcohol.

This product is neither flammable nor dangerous, and eliminates all traces of marihuana resin , tar and permanent ink. Suitable forcleaning glass bubblers or bongs, each of the 30 units removes all traces of odors and stains, providing a lasting cleaning.

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sandi 20-04-2022 That's not what I paid for at Mail and More pls enlighten me


Alchimia Grow Shop 20-04-2022

Hi, sorry but we don't undertand your question, please can you be more specific?

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