Canna Hydro Flores A+B

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CANNA Hydro Flores A + B 1L is one of the most recent flowering nutrients developed for growing in lost solution or recirculation systems.

Moreover their unique formulation make them perfect for use with tap water, as they prevent accumulation of salts that damage the plants and the environment.

Features of Canna Hydro Flores A + B:

  • Dosage: 4 ml x liter water.
  • Recommended PH value 5.2-6.2

Canna Hydro Flores A + B composition:

  • 5.3% N (total)
  • 0.3% NH4
  • 5.0% NO3
  • 3.1% P2O3
  • 1.3% P (total)
  • 8% K
  • NPK 5 - 3-10

How to use:

  • Mix well the bottle before use.
  • Fill the fertilization bucket with water.
  • Add Hydro Flores following the ratio of 1: 250 (4 ml A and 4 ml B per liter) in the bucket like this: Add the Hydro Flores A to the fertilization bucket. Mix well and then add the Hydro Flores B. Mix well once again, and leave a few hours.
  • The EC of Hydro Flores dissolved in water will, at this time, include between 1.5 and 2.4 (solution EC + EC of tap water)
  • optimum pH: 5.2 to 6.2
  • Do not EVER mix concentrations of A and B in a pure state. Insoluble compounds that the plant won't be able to absorb would be formed.
  • Keep out from frost in a closed, dark place (sunlight UV would descompose the quelates of the nutrient).

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