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Colombian Red

Colombian Red - Cannabiogen

Colombia Red Spot is a regular strain from Cannabiogen, from a classic line with a high reputation and history, which has been obtained across different phenotypes of this native variety, selected in the north central area of the country. This proce [...]

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Destroyer Regular

Destroyer Regular - Cannabiogen

Destroyer from Cannabiogen seedbank is 100% Sativa marijuana strain. Its genetics come from a Thai line, the Meao Thaï, crossed with a stable and fast floweringMexican X Colombian hybrid. This hybrid was developed after 7 years of work and ba [...]

  • 10 seeds 65.00€
Nepal Jam

Nepal Jam - Cannabiogen

This strain of regular marijuana is the result of the intersection of two very special sativas, the Nepal Highland and the Jamaica 85, giving as a result a plant with the right combination of both. We are talking about a vigorous hybrid strain, easy [...]

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Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular

Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular - Cannabiogen

The Pakistan Chitral Kush from Cannabiogen is a pure Indica coming from Chitral, in the Hindu Kush Pakistani. Chitral is famous for its hash, being one of the best of Pakistan. Since the mid-90's, this line of Pakistan Chitral was selected, reproduc [...]

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Peyote Purple

Peyote Purple - Cannabiogen

Like all strains from Cannabiogen collection, Peyote Purple is a very original and unique plant. It's the result of a selection of Bubba Kush marijuana, a popular strain grown for years in U.S. and Canada. This Indica strain is known for its dark al [...]

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Sandstorm - Cannabiogen

Cannabiogen presents Sandstorm, a 100% indica cannabis variety created in 1998. It is the direct result of a cross between a particularly potent and cerebral Pakistani Chitral Kush hashplant with a traditional Moroccan cultivar, known as E7-B. A vig [...]

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