Cannabis as a Medicine

Cannabis as a Medicine
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It's no news , that the sativa cannabis has many therapeutic indications, but what it is, is that this fact is taken into account how is it happening at present .

Everyone wants to know more about the healing potential of marijuana to the point that some researchers are beginning to offer the fruit of the effort of years of study and analysis, in the form of medical articles and books, as in this case.

Cannabis as a Medicine is a book written by the Medical Doctor Franjo Grotenhermen, one of the best internationally specialists in medical cannabis, which includes, in this book in an easy and comprehensible way, various information about potential treatments using therapeutic marijuana or Dronabinol (THC), the main active principle containing marijuana.

In this book you will find over 300 scientific references that support this sign.

Index of Cannabis as a Medicine:

  • History of Medical Use of Indica Cannabis
  • Medicinal active substances
  • How acts cannabinoids in the body
  • Diseases in which can help cannabis products
  • Side effects
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Consumption of cannabis products
  • Advice on the use of cannabis and dronabinol
  • The hemp seeds and oil
  • ISBN 9788493495015

Opinions about Cannabis as a Medicine and questions


Cherub 19-12-2019
Hi, My daughter who has a GBM4 brain tumour has been taking canabis oil and thc for a year with (so far) good results. The company I have bought from appears to no longer be trading and I have been recommended to you. Would you advise on which oil would be most beneficial to her that I can purchase from yourselves. As far as I know she was on a 1:1 oil (which I am not sure what that means). Please help. Many Thanks Tracey

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 19-12-2019
Hi Tracey, thanks for your comment and question. From what I can tell, it appears that your daughter was taking oil with a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1, that is, equal parts of each of the main cannabinoids. From what I've read this seems to get the best results when treating brain tumours, and many other conditions. CBD + THC is always more effective than CBD alone. I can't say exactly what strength oil your daughter was taking, but I'd imagine that it was some kind of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) made with a 1:1 ratio strain, usually with a cannabinoid content of between 60 and 95%. Here at Alchimia, under Spanish and European law we are only allowed to sell products with CBD, and no THC. Not only that, but the highest concentration we stock is 30%, in the case of oils such as Cannabigold CBD or CBD Pharma Serum. I don't think CBD will be enough by itself, and while t may be better than nothing, these oils aren't really going to be potent enough to treat your daughter's condition. So, your options will depend on where you are and on the local legal status of medicinal cannabis. You may be in a legal state or country where doctors can prescribe some kind of cannabis derivative like Sativex, which can be very expensive. In the best case, you'll be able to legally access some 1:1 FECO via a medical dispensary or cannabis club, with some kind of guarantee of quality or cleanliness (lab results etc). If these options aren't possible then, unfortunately, you may be forced to resort to the black market, which is hardly something we can recommend, although sadly it's the only option for too many parents in countries where cannabis is still prohibited. Of course, in our opinion the best option, although hardly a short-term solution, would be to avoid the black market altogether, not to depend on legal producers either, but to grow your own plants before carrying out your own extraction. I'm sorry I can't offer you any more practical help but if in the future you decide to grow and extract your own then we're here with lots of helpful advice! All the best and good luck.

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