Annabis Cremcann Q10 Men

Cremcann Q10 is a moisturizing cream that combines the benefitial properties of cannabis seeds extracts with the protective effect of coenzyme Q10, developed by Annabis and now available in Alchimia Grow Shop. It also contains oils from jojoba, sand [...]

  • 50ml15.00€

Kit Bodycann Shampoo + Shower Gel 250ml

Take care of your body naturally with this kit, which includes a shampoo and a shower gel from Annabis Bodycann, made from natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, coco extract and essential oils. They moisturize and repair damaged skin, reducing red [...]

  • 19.35€

Annabis Bodycann Shower Gel 250ml

Annabis Bodycann Shower Gel is a hygiene product ideal to moisturize your skin while preventing it from dryness and itching, thus being highly recommended for sensitive skins. Noe available in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of cannabis cosmetics. It is esp [...]

  • 10.00€

Cannabios Mint, Lemon and Lavender Balm 50 ml

Cannabios lemon, lavender and peppermint Marijuana Balm, for everyday use: skin hydration, helps healing, treatment of mild pain. 50ml cans. Composition 100% natural The Cannabios products are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Naturfyt Bio, foll [...]

  • 50 ml12.50€

Cannabios Tea Tree and Rosemary

Cannabios marijuana Balm, with Tea Tree and Rosemary, for fighting skin infections, bacterial or fungal, or for relief of stings or insect bites. 50 ml pot. Composition 100% natural. Made in the mountains of the Czech Republic by Naturfyt Bio, Canna [...]

  • 50 ml12.50€

Cannabios Sensitive skin 50ml

Cannabios marijuana balm for sensible skin: its composition is 100% natural and doesn't contain essential oils. Ideal for heal wounds, burns, scars o chapped lips. Bottle of 50 ml. Cannabios cosmetics are made in the Czech Republic by the company Na [...]

  • 12.50€

Cannabios Balm with Salicylic Acid 50ml

Cannabios Salicylic Acid is a balm made with an extract rich in cannabinoid CBD, with a base of olive oil, hemp seed oil and rosemary essential oil. Perfect for treating hard skin and acne. Cannabios cream with Salicylic acid is made in the Czech Re [...]

  • 12.50€

Cannabios Baby with Zinc 50 ml

Cannabios balm with marijuana and zinc, ideal as changing cream to protect the baby's bottom or for the healing of the skin. Composition 100% natural without essential oils. Botlle of 50 ml. Cannabios Baby with zinc is a natural cream made with hig [...]

  • 12.50€

Cannabios Baby Shea Butter 50 ml

Cannabios Baby Shea Butter balm with marijuana and sheah butter moisturizes and protects. Its 100% natural composition without essential oils is perfect for the baby skin. BOtlle of 50 ml. Cannabios Baby Shea Butter is a natural cream based on biolo [...]

  • 12.50€

Trompetol facial cream

Trompetol Facial Cream povides softness, hydratation and brightness to the skin, thanks to its rejuvenating effects. Olive, Jojoba and Hemp seed oils, Rose and Geranium essential oils, and a CBD extract rich in this cannabinoid , act in natural syner [...]

  • 40 ml19.65€

Cannabios Intimate Gel

Intimate Gel from Cannabios of marijuana, honeysuckle, tea tree and rosemary. 100% natural composition, sweet sugar and coconut surfactants and a powerful efficiency against bacteria and fungi. 250 Ml bottleCannabios Cosmetic products are elaborate [...]

  • 100 ml14.50€

Annabis Dentacann Toothpaste

Annabis Dentacann Toothpaste is an innovative toothpaste for dental hygiene made from natural ingredients. It whitens and cares for teeth and gums, while respecting the oral flora. It contains no fluoride. Natural toothpaste with hemp and activated [...]

  • 100 mg8.90€

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