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Outdoor Mix - Philosopher Seeds

For a taste of the great outdoors, Philosopher Seeds have put together this affordable Outdoor Mix pack, made up of three strains well known for producing top results when cultivated out in the garden and famous for yielding large quantities of great [...]

  • 6 seeds36.00€

Indoor Mix - Philosopher Seeds

To give you an affordable way to try out some of their best-performing indoor genetics, Philosopher Seeds have compiled this Indoor Mix pack, made up of three high-yielding, easy-to-grow varieties perfectly adapted to cultivation under lights in grow [...]

  • 6 seeds36.00€

Indoor MIX Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

Variety is the spice of life, and that's just one reason why this mix of outstanding Indica strains is one of Sensi's most popular selections. Unbeatable value is another good reason - Indoor Mix offers growers an assortment of the highest quality c [...]

  • 25 seeds61.00€

Outdoor MIX Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

Growers with a good eye for Indica can often identify their favourite plants soon after the onset of blooming, while first-time cultivators can hone their cannabis-senses and learn lots more through careful observation of the different plants and the [...]

  • 25 seeds48.00€

Feminized Mix - Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

An all-female garden of powerful Indicas and Sativas is very easy to achieve with this mix of seeds taken from Sensi Seeds' collection of feminised strains. Seedlings can be easily identified as Indica or Sativa by the time they have grown enough to [...]

  • 10 seeds43.00€
  • 20 seeds80.00€

Female Collection Pack #3 by 00 Seed Bank - 00 Seeds Bank

The Female Collection Pack #3 is comprised of 6 feminized seeds of 00 Seed Bank varieties 00 Cheese, Chocolate Cream and Sweet Soma. In each pack you'll get 2 seeds of each of these three varieties which are all easy to grow, well branched and fast [...]

  • 6 seeds23.50€

Indoor Mix - Female Seeds - Female Seeds

This is a mix of indoor strains from Female Seeds. The aim of the bank has been developing Sativa crosses suitable for indoor growing, flowering really fast. The result is almost pure Sativa varieties adapted to indoor culture. Indoor Mix from Fem [...]

  • 10 seeds25.00€

Female Collection #1 by 00 Seed Bank - 00 Seeds Bank

Alchimia presents the Female Collection Pack #1 from 00 Seed Bank, composed of 6 feminised seeds of 3 different varieties: 00 Kush, Chocolate Skunk and Cheese Berry. These 3 varieties that finish flowering in just 55-65 days will allow us to discove [...]

  • 6 seeds23.50€

Female Collection Pack #2 by 00 Seed Bank - 00 Seeds Bank

Alchimia presents the 00 Seed Bank Female Collection Pack #2, containing 6 feminized seeds of 3 different Old School Indica varieties: Chocolate Kush, Bubble Gum and Northern Lights. Comprising 2 seeds of each of these three varieties, the Female Co [...]

  • 6 seeds23.50€

Killer Mix - Dr. Underground Seeds

Alchimiaweb offers here the Killer Mix by Dr. Underground, composed of 4 feminised seeds so you can try some of the best strains of this seed company. The first strain is Melon Gum, which is highly appreciated for its fruity flavor and resin product [...]

  • 4 seeds32.00€

DNA Mix Pack - DNA Genetics

DNA Mix Pack cannabis seeds kit in 3 or 6 feminized seeds form will allow you to grow some DNA Genetics' strains, now available at Alchimiweb store. Based in Amsterdam in 2004, DNA Genetics Seedbank characterised by its ability to combine north Amer [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)35.00€
  • 6 seeds (Product sold out)60.00€

Medical Collection - World of Seeds

Already available in Alchimiaweb, this set of 8 feminized seeds, the Medical Collection from World of Seeds, allows you to get 4 strains of high medicinal value. The first variety included is the Afghan Kush x White Domina marijuana (Black Domina), [...]

  • 8 seeds48.00€

Sativa Pure Origin Collection - World of Seeds

Now available in Alchimia, this seed pack from World of Seeds, Sativa Pure Origin Collection, includes 8 seeds from 4 of the most exciting strains from the bank. The Wild Thailand marijuana is a pure landrace from the Ko Chang island in Thailand, wi [...]

  • 8 seeds48.00€

Pure Origin Collection - World of Seeds

Now you can purchase in Alchimiaweb this set of regular seeds, the Pure Origin Collection from World of Seeds, in which you'll find 20 seeds of 4 of its more interesting landrace strains . The first one is the Colombian Gold strain , a Sativa hybrid [...]

  • 20 regulars seeds (Product sold out)35.00€

Lilac Diesel Multipack - Ethos Genetics

Ethos Genetics Lilac Multipack is a regular seeds kit presenting 7 different strains created from the same Lilac Diesel genetic base. This variety has been used as parent to create new premium feminised cannabis cultivars that offer penetrating aroma [...]

  • 35 Seeds (Product sold out)100.00€
  • 119 Seeds200.00€

Autoflowering Collection - World of Seeds

Already available in Alchimia, the AutoFem seeds kit from World of Seeds, the Autoflowering Collection, allows you to taste 8 seeds from 4 different strains. We talk about the Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto marijuana , a hybrid between two marijuana [...]

  • 8 seeds48.00€

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