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Fresh Biscotti - Cannarado Genetics

Alchimia is glad to present Fresh Biscotti by Cannarado Genetics, a new cannabis strain exclusively in regular format coming directly from Colorado. Fresh Biscotti develops from Biscotti Sundae special genetics, an exceptional high performance hybri [...]

  • (Product sold out)91.00€

Cookies and Cream - Seed Stockers

Alchimia Grow Shop is glad to present Cookies and Cream by Seed Stockers, a feminised Indica Sativa hybrid with an excellent quality and potency. Cookies and Cream, Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter It is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies strain an [...]

  • 3 seeds19.98€
  • 5 seeds26.64€
  • 25 seeds117.25€

Girl Scout Cookies Auto - Nirvana

Alchimia glad to presents Girl Scout Cookies Auto, automatic seeds in feminised format by Nirvana Seeds, a long established seedbank founded in 1995. Girl Scout Cookies Auto, flavour, potency, resistance and effect Girl Scout Cookies has been develop [...]

  • 30.00€

Gala CBD - R-Kiem Seeds

Allchimia is delighted to present Gala CBD by R-Kiem Seeds, one of the most resinous strains of this seedbank. It is a cross between Hercules and a pure Sativa from Nepal. It offers very high CBD levels up to 19% and a low THC concentration between 0 [...]

  • 3 Seeds24.00€
  • 5 Seeds35.00€
  • 10 Seeds80.00€

El Chapo - The Plug Seedbank

Now available in the feminised seed catalogue at, El Chapo from The Plug Seedbank, a Sativa hybrid characterised by a highly mental and stimulating effect. El Chapo, a powerful hybrid cross between Sour Diesel IBL x Headbanger BX Th [...]

  • 6 seeds (Product sold out)75.00€

Snow Moon - Ace Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Snow Moon, feminised seeds in limited edition by Ace Seeds, a collective of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of this marvellous plant. Since 2007, the Ace Seeds collective has been exp [...]

  • 5 seeds40.00€

Biscotti Cake - Elev8 Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Biscotti Cake by Elev8 Seeds, a marijuana plant cross between two well-known strains, Biscotti and Wedding Cake, which have outstanding terpenes qualities notable for top-quality flavours and aromas. Wedding Cake contribu [...]

  • 6 Seeds (Product sold out)95.00€

Sour Sundae - Cannarado Genetics

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Sour Sundae by Cannarado Genetics, an acidic and creamy feminised variety with a very strong effect. Sour Sundae by Cannarado Genetics: Ultra Sour x Sundae Driver It is a cross between Ultra Sour (MK Ultra x Sour Diesel) [...]

  • 6 seeds80.00€

Critical x Bubba Kush - Ripper Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Critical x Bubba Kush (also called Critical Mass x Bubba) by Ripper Seeds in limited edition, seeds exclusively in feminised format. Critical x Bubba Kush, a cross between two classic cannabis lines This Indica dominant [...]

  • (Product sold out)24.00€

Z3 - Terp Hogz Genetics

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Z3 by Platinum Seeds-Terp Hogz, a regular cannabis strain created to offer extremely rich and aromatic resin extractions. It is a cross between Zkittlez (Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Indica) and the mythical Indica Hindu Kush [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)166.00€

Element-Z - Dark Horse Genetics

Alchimia is pleased to present Element-Z by Dark Horse Genetics, a marijuana plant with a sweet and fruity flavour and a powerful quality psychedelic effect thanks to the high THC levels. This variety produces a large amount of resin which makes it i [...]

  • 12 Seeds (Product sold out)92.00€

Bat Mitzvah - Cannarado Genetics is glad to present Bat Mitzvah by Cannarado Genetics, a feminised marijuana Indica Sativa hybrid as potent as it is aromatic. It is remarkable its huge trichomes and terpenes production, an ideal option for live resin type concentrat [...]

  • 6 seeds80.00€

Zamaldelica x Kali China Fem - Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds present feminised seeds of Zamaldelica x Kali China, a complex and well-balanced Sativa/Indica cannabis poly hybrid with a mouthwatering, exotic terpene profile. This easy-to-grow and highly resinous variety is now available in our online g [...]

  • 3 seeds31.00€
  • 5 seeds50.00€
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Chem Cookies (GMO) - Mamiko Seeds

Alchimia is happy to presents Chem Cookies by Mamiko Seeds, a strain also known as GMO. It is a cross between Chem D and Girl Scout Cookies strain, resulting in a genetics with intense Chemdog terpenes and a noticeable garlic aroma. Chem Cookies offe [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€

Sorbetto - Aficionado French Connection

Alchimia is happy to present Sorbetto by Aficionado French Connection, now available in feminised seed format. It is the cross between Zkitllez x Sunset Sherbet x Magnum Opus, resulting in a plant awarded in several countries on two continents which [...]

  • 5 Seeds (Product sold out)80.00€

Kerosene Krash - Dutch Passion

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Kerosene Krash by Dutch Passion, a feminised cannabis variety that offers extremely high THC levels and an intense and penetrating aroma. Kerosene Krash is a cross between a Gorilla Glue #4 female and a Sherbet male (Girl [...]

  • 3 seeds89.95€
  • 5 seeds134.95€
  • 10 seeds219.95€

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