Cannagar and Thaïstick

Alchimia presents this category where we offer a accessories selection to elaborate at home the famous Cannagar or Thaïstick.

With this moulds you can enjoy in a different and original way your best marijuana.

The traditional Thaïstick are known for decades by the most experienced consumers. It is a compact herb consumed with no paper to taste all marijuana organoleptic qualities.

Cannagar is the cannabis version of tobacco cigarettes or cigars. With these moulds you compact the marijuana and then you add a tobacco, hemp or a leaf from one of your plants picked during harvest time.

In the elaboration of the Thai Sticks and Cannagars often some cannabis extraction is added, either Rosin or BHO type. This provides an extra touch to your production and maintains consistency.

In this section you can find a selection of Cannagar moulds in different sizes. Small size, few grams of capacity moulds to simply taste the harvest in a different way and in the best possible conditions. Or larger sizes, several grams capacity moulds to prepare bigger cigars.

Cannagars and Thai Sticks, a good way to enjoy your best harvests on your own or in company, with a spectacular result... Choose your mould now and experience it!

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Cannagar Bamboo Skewers

Alchimia presents the bamboo skewers to be used in our Thaï Sticks elaborated with the [...]

  • Small 7.95€

Cannagar Wooden mouthpiece

We are glad to present this birch wood mouthpiece to use with your precious Cannagar cigars. The mouthpiece adds distance and a better filtering to bring out the best in our home m [...]

  • Large 36.00€
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