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Endoca Capsules 1500mg CBD

Here we have the concentrated version of Endoca CBD capsules, containing 50mg of Cannabidiol per capsule, or 1500mg of CBD per box of 30 capsules. To be found now in the AlchimiaWeb CBD Shop! Made from oil extracted from organically grown hemp, thes [...]

  • 115.00€

Endoca Capsules 1500mg CBD + CBDa

Alchimia presents the concentrated version of Endoca CBD + CBDa capsules, now available in our CBD Shop as 50mg capsules with 1500mg of CBD + CBDa per box of 30 capsules These hemp oil capsules rich in Cannabidiol, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E for [...]

  • 115.00€

MyCBD 10% CBD Oil 10ml (1000mg CBD)

The new 10% CBD oil from MyCBD is already available in Alchimiaweb, 5 times more concentrated than the classic MyCBD oil, with 3,33mg CBD in each drop. This oil is made from hemp - cannabis sativa - extract diluted in sunflower oil produced from org [...]

  • 63.59€

Pharma Hemp 5% CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper 10ml

Pharma Hemp CBD olive oil with turmeric, black pepper and CBD now available at catalogue. A completely natural oil for oral dosing made from organic hemp resin extract and olive oil. Each 10ml bottle contains a 5% of Cannab [...]

  • 39.70€

ENDOCA Extract CBD 20%

Endoca now offers its hemp extract with 2000mg concentrated CBD in each bottle (20% of decarboxylated CBD). Now available online in the Alchimiaweb CBD Shop. The industrial hemp used by Endoca to extract this oil is legally grown and sourced from Eu [...]

  • 2000 mg177.00€

MyCBD Oil 10ml

Alchimiaweb presents here My CBD Oil, designed for a fast, effective and handy administration. It contains 200mg of CBD dissolved in food grade oil, a mix of organic sunflower oil and whole plant cannabis extract. 200mg in 10ml is one of the highes [...]

  • 17.27€

Endoca Capsules Hemp Oil 300 mg CBD

Discover these 300mg hemp oil capsules with CBD and take advantage of the therapeutic properties, not only of Cannabidiol but also of the terpenes included in this extraction. Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD with terpenes, and each box contains 30 [...]

  • 26.00€

Cannabigold CBD

Discover the range of Cannabidiol (CBD) based oil, Cannabigold. High quality CBD oils, now available in Alchimia CBD Shop. Cannabigold CBD oils are manufactured entirely in Poland by HemPoland and produced without the use of solvents, using supercri [...]

  • Classic 5% (Product sold out)29.00€
  • Premium 15% (Product sold out)99.00€
  • Intense 30% (Product sold out)249.00€

Endoca CBD Suppositories

Endoca invites you to discover these CBD suppositories, now available online in the Alchimia CBD Shop. Endoca's suppositories are made from organic hemp oil and coconut oil. Each suppository contains 50mg of CBD extract. Each box contains 10 suppos [...]

  • (Product sold out)46.00€

Enecta CBD Oil Pets presents Enecta CBD Oil for pets, an oil containing 500mg of CBD (5%) in its formula, made of high quality organic oils, a product specially made for your pet. This oil is made to offer all Cannabidiol properties to your pets, in an [...]

  • (Product sold out)29.95€

Cibapet Oil for Cats 4%

Alchimia introduces you to Cibapet 4% Cat Oil, richer in Cannabidiol than Cibapet Cat tablets, to easily provide CBD to our family pets. Now available in our online CBD Shop here at Alchimia! This bottle of 10ml of 4% CBD oil contains 400mg of CBD, [...]

  • 10 ml35.00€

Cibapet Oil for Dogs 4%

4% Cibapet Dog Oil will allow us to administer CBD to our dogs in a simple and effective way, and can be added to their food or favorite treats. Now available in our online CBD Shop here at AlchimiaWeb. This 10ml bottle of oil contains 400mg CBD, or [...]

  • 10 ml (Product sold out)35.00€

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg CBD

Alchimiaweb welcomes the Endoca 1500mg hemp extract, with 15% CBD in 10ml bottles. These combine with other cannabinoids and terpenes to enhance their therapeutial properties. The hemp oil is extracted from organic crops in Europe, free from pestici [...]

  • (Product sold out)115.00€

Cibapet CBD Cat Pills

Cibapet CBD Cat Tablets are a simple and effective way to deliver CBD to your pet cats, now available in Alchimia's online CBD Shop! These pellets, each containing 1.3mg CBD, allow easy dosing (1 to 2 tablets per day) a [...]

  • (Product sold out)21.00€

Endoca Hemp Oil 300mg CBD

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Endoca hemp extract, with 300mg of CBD in 10gr of extract. It also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant to enhance its medical properties. The hemp used to manufacture this product comes fr [...]

  • 26.00€

Capsules with 15 mg CBD Sativer

Alchimia presents these organic sunflower oil capsules enriched with CBD extract. They can be swallowed or applied directly to the area to be treated, now available in our cannabis groceries catalogue. Sativer, capsules with Oil and CBD 500mg capsu [...]

  • 30 capsules32.00€
  • 60 capsules62.00€

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