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Charbiel by The Hype Company is a flowering finisher that intensifies the flowers organoleptic properties, increases the amount of resin, and fattening and density preventing a great weight loss when drying.

The Hype Charbiel, heavier buds

Thanks to its sugar content, Charbiel intensifies the buds organoleptic properties by increasing the amount of resin. It is a 100% natural flowering finisher that contains potassium, an indispensable element for the flower fattening and compacting, preventing large weight losses during the drying process, thus obtaining heavier and denser buds.

Charbiel, minimises weight loss after drying

Charbiel compacts the bud and increases its size considerably, keeping a large part of the weight after drying. It can be used in all kinds of substrates, in indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Dosage: at a rate of 2ml per L in the irrigation water on the last two weeks before washing the roots - one application per week.

The Hype Company Charbiel info:

  • Less weight loss in drying (heavier flowers)
  • Speeds up the drying process
  • Contains Potassium Oxide (K20) sugars and carbohydrates
  • Dosage: 2ml per L in irrigation during the last two weeks before washing (once a week)

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