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CMH/LEC Lumii Solar 315W kit

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop, the CMH/LEC Lumii Solar 315W lighting kit + CDM bulb. This kit allows us to obtain more abundant and better quality harvests than with traditional HPS/MH lamps.

This is possible thanks to the design of the Lumii Solar CDM 315W bulb, made with a high quality ceramic arc tube instead of the high pressure gases of traditional bulbs. This allows the lamp to generate more lumens and produce a more complete light spectrum, ranging from Ultraviolet to far-red.

Lumii Solar LEC 315W kit: bigger yields using less energy

This technology makes this lighting system highly efficient, emitting much less heat, which makes controlling our indoor growing tent climate easy. All the energy is transformed in lumens, achieving yields of up to 1.5g per watt.

The lamp ranging from bluish tones to reds and oranges, emulating sunlight much more closely than the light emitted by HPS/MH bulbs. This complete light spectrum has an positive impact producing a better plant growth and flowering.

Lumii Solar LEC 315W, 3200k or 4200k light spectrum for a better growth and flowering

This light spectrum gives a clear and true vision of the plants, without colour alteration, as we would see them in the open air. This facilitates our work in the indoor tent as we can clearly observe any plant deficiencies or pest attacks.

The kit contains a stucco reflector anchored to the CMH electronic ballast, equipped with a short-circuit protection. Just hang it correctly, switch on and the ballast will start-up and light the lamp. No installation is required.

The dimensions are 42cm x 27cm x 15cm with a weight of 7kg.

CMH / LEC Kit Lumii Solar 315W info:

  • 1x Lumii CDM 3200K or 4200k Bulb
  • 1x ballast kit + 315W reflector stucco
  • 3200K light Spectrum, beneficial for growth and flowering
  • Life usage: 20,000h
  • "Soft start" to extend bulb life
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 27cm x 15cm
  • Weight: 7kg
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