CMH/LEC Lumii Solar 630W CDM Double Ended Kit

CMH/LEC Lumii Solar 630W CDM Double Ended Kit
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The Lumii Solar CDM 630 Double Ended LEC CMH lighting system is now available at, combine it with the LEC Lumii Solar Pro DE 630W bulb and maximise your harvest of buds.

The kit consists of a 630W LH CMH ballast with a built-in high quality stucco reflector, which offers a very efficient 97% light reflection rate, making the most of the energy consumed.

Lumii Solar CDM 630w Double Ended CMH, maximise every watt of power

Double Ended systems replace the regular threaded connector with two cables at both ends, increasing the performance of the lighting system, given that this type of connection is more efficient and allows it to work at higher power.

The light spectrum emitted by CMH bulbs is richer and more complete than that of MH/HPS, and unlike them, CMH includes waves such as UV or Far Red.

In addition, they also give out less heat than Sodium or Metal Halide, which means that there is no wasted energy, transforming practically all of it into lumens that are available to the plants.

Lumii Solar CDM 630w Double Ended LEC CMH lamp, facilitates climate control

Less heat makes climate control far easier, reducing fluctuations and temperature peaks, and means we can install a lower-potency extraction system.

By using this high quality ballast, with its quality stucco reflector and a Double Ended CMH bulb, we can have a very efficient lighting system, which allows us to achieve up to 1.5g per wattrelatively easily.

Putting it into operation is as easy as fitting a Lumii Solar Pro DE 630w bulb in the reflector, hanging it in our indoor growing room and turning it on. Beyond keeping it clean it does not need any maintenance, be sure to keep the equipment away from water sources.

Lumii Solar CDM 630 Double Ended CMH/LEC System info:

  • Ballast and coated reflector
  • Compatible with the CMH/LEC light bulb Lumii Solar Pro DE 630W
  • Dimensions: 61x27x15cm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Required current: 230V / 50Hz
  • Easy to install with pulleys or Light hangers

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