The product Compo fungicide is discontinued.

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Compo fungicide
Compo fungicide
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Compo fungicide

Compo Fungicide is a fungiciadal product for systemic action against powdery mildew in all kinds of marijuana plants, ornamental plants, herbs and the vegetable garden. High rate of absorption and distribution throughout the plant.

This product can be used as preventive and / or curative. Apply by spraying the entire plant, wetting it well. For proper control of powdery mildew 3 applications at 7-14 day intervals are recommended.

The safe period between treatment and harvest is 14 days.

Compo fungicidal composition:

  • 10% w / v of Penconazol

Compo fungicide application:

  • 0.4 ml / litre of water
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Opinions about Compo fungicide and questions 2

22-02-2016-> john says:

how safe is this product used on cannabis? I've read some scary things about Penconazole!

22-02-2016 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi john,

I don't want to argue in favour of chemicals, but I've used penconazole myself several times with excellent results.

We had lots of problems in my area years ago with powdery mildew, and the only way to go was using penconazole. A foliar application as soon as the plants started flowering was enough to get rid of that fungus. In this way, we had more than 6 weeks from application to harvest, more than double the safe epriod of the product (15 days).

Of course, you should always try to avoid chemicals and use organic/natural remedies. Chemicals should only be used in serious cases. 

All the best!