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D-Lux extractor L-55cm

D-Luxe steel extraction tube, designed for big BHO extractions, and built to last for a long time.

This marijuana resin extractor is large, with a total length of 55cm and a diameter of 3cm, which will process a considerable amount of cannabis at one stroke, getting a good return in the process.

It is made ​​of stainless steel, of about 1mm thick, with quality threads at both sides to easily fill and empty.

On one side we find a screw cap with the small hole that will be used to empty the bottle of refined gas without impurities ; on the other side we find another screw cap with an outlet hole (1.3cm diameter) with a built grid, from which the mix of gas and resin will come out.

For safety, it is coated with two thick rubber bands that function as grips, preventing us from burning our hands with the ice generated as we fill up the tube with gas. So there is no longer any need to use gloves or towels to grab the tube (which is even recommended to completely eliminate any risk).

D-Lux Extractor 55cm features:

  • Length: 55cm
  • Diameter: 3cm
  • Thickness: 1mm to 1.5mm
  • Outlet hole: 1.3cm with steel mesh
  • It has rubber sealing threads
  • It has rubber bands for a more secure grip
  • It is also recommended to use unbleached filter paper
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Opinions about D-Lux extractor L-55cm and questions 2

13-07-2016-> jay says:

how much material does this hold and do you sell the tripod stand for it? thanks

14-07-2016 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi jay,

You can put 40-50gr of dried buds. We have checked and you can use the tripod for the roller extractor (you just need to remove the thread).

Thanks for your confidence!


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