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Sherbetty - Dank Genetics

Dank Genetics presents Sherbetty, an extremely powerful and aromatic Indica Sativa hybrid not recommended for occasional consumers. It is now available in our catalogue here at Alchimia Grow Shop. It is a cross between Lemon Betty (Lemon Skunk x Bla [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Sour Dosidos - Dank Genetics

Dank Genetics Sour Dosidos is a feminised cannabis plant, a cross between two varieties with international recognition. On the one hand Do-Si-Dos, awarded in many cannabis competitions such as the High Times Cannabis Cup, and on the other hand Sour D [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Dankalato - Dank Genetics

Dankalato from US seed bank Dank Genetics is a new cannabis hybrid created from a cross of Gelato 33 with Sherbert, resulting in feminised seeds combining two of the most sought after North American genetics, highly valued for their intense and fruit [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Dank Sherbert - Dank Genetics

Dank Sherbert from US seed bank Dank Genetics is an Indica hybrid created from an S1 cross of Sunset Sherbert, the famous original clone from the USA, to maintain the qualities of the original cut and make these stellar genetics available as feminise [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Fresh Orange - Dank Genetics

Fresh Orange from Dank Genetics is an exciting new cannabis polyhybrid, offered here in the form of feminised seeds and created by crossing Trichome Jungle Seeds' Mandarin Kush with Sour Dubble, resulting in an orange-flavoured line that is productiv [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Dank N Later - Dank Genetics

Alchimia is pleased to present Dank n' Later by Dank Genetics, a feminised marijuana with an intense and complex exotic fruit aroma that will delight fruity-flavoured cannabis lovers. Dank N Later, Now N Later x Dank Sherbert hybrid Dank N Later is t [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Sour Lemonaid - Dank Genetics

Sour Lemonaid from the US seed bank Dank Genetics is a feminized cannabis variety, and an indica/sativa hybrid, blending a powerful lemon flavour with OG Kush and a relaxing but mentally active effect of great potency and long duration. The growth o [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Cherry Heads - Dank Genetics

Cherry Heads from Dank Genetics is a feminised hybrid combining Karma Genetics' famous Head Stash with Sour Dubble, resulting in a powerful, flavourful and productive cannabis strain. Cherry Heads grows vigorously, with a well-branched structure tha [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Atomic Sour - Dank Genetics

Atomic Sour from US seed bank Dank Genetics is a cannabis hybrid that combines two well-known strains of great potency and flavour: Sour Dubble and Atomic OG, resulting in a high quality variety giving strong, tasty and productive plants. A mostly s [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Purple Sunset by Dank Genetics - Dank Genetics

Purple Sunset is a feminised cannabis variety from Dank Genetics that's characterised by a sweet and fruity aroma and its dense, resinous and colourful flowers. Now available at Alchimia! Purple Sunset is a cross between Purple Punch and Sunset Sher [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Dank Banana - Dank Genetics

Alchimia is happy to present Dank Banana by Dank Genetics, a delicious and resinous variety now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. Dank Banana is a hybrid of very high quality, which offers a resin production with powerful and inte [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Sticky Sherbert - Dank Genetics

Dank Genetics invites you to discover Sticky Sherbert, a new variety made up of two true heavyweights of the cannabis scene, now available online in the feminised seed catalogue here at Alchimiaweb. Awarded numerous prizes at various cannabis events [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

Sour Cup Cookies - Dank Genetics

We are proud to present Sour Cup Cookies, an exceptional variety created by UK cannabis seed bank Dank Genetics, and now available online in the feminised seed collection here at Alchimiaweb. Made up of PCG Cookies (also known as Cup Cookies) and So [...]

  • 7 seeds (Product sold out)78.00€

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