Deadlights by TGA Subcool

TGA Subcool presents this new medical variety Deadlights, developed in collaboration with Norstar Genetics to produce a Cannabidiol-rich strain, which can produce up to 25% CBD to only 1.2% THC.

To create this cannabis cultivar with high medicinal potential, Subcool used a CBD-rich male of his Pennywise variety and an AC/DC clone, a selection of Cannatonic with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20.

The resulting hybrid, Deadlights, gives Sativa-dominant plants with 3 different phenotypes and is therefore ideal for selecting mother plants according to the desired cannabinoid and terpenes profiles.

Comprised of 65/35% Sativa-Indica genetics, Deadlights shows a medium to large stretch and finishes flowering quickly, not exceeding 60 days. In order to increase bud production, TGA Subcool recommends topping Deadlights plants early, encouraging them to form numerous flowering sites to form a canopy of buds on a net or in an outdoor support cage. It will then grow many elongated and dense colas, for a heavy harvest of CBD-rich cannabis.

Depending on the phenotypes cultivated, Deadlights can take on bright colours, produce a large quantity of resin, and exude a delightful fruity and spicy aroma, combining notes of blackberry and raspberry on a sweet background, with earthy and musky notes.

With a low THC content and a high concentration of CBD (Cannabidiol), Deadlights produces very little mental effect, leaving the mind clear while being calm and relaxing. At the physical level, Deadlights has proven effective in relieving pain caused by conditions such as arthritis.

TGA Subcool Deadlights info:

  • Type: Regular seeds
  • Breeder: Norstar Genetics
  • Genetics: AC/DC X Pennywise
  • 65/35 Sativa-Indica hybrid
  • Yield: High
  • Indoor flowering: 56-60 days
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