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Gourmet Collection Cannabis Winner Strains #1 - Delicious Seeds

The Gourmet Collection Cannabis Winner Strains #1, from Delicious Seeds, is already available for you in Alchimia Grow Shop. It gathers 9 seeds of three awarded cannabis strains from this seedbank. It includes the Caramelo marijuana, a selection of [...]

  • 9 seeds60.00€ 48.00€

Original Juan Herer - Delicious Seeds

Original Juan Herer is an OG Kush x Jack Herer hybrid developed by Delicious Seeds, which is now available in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of feminized seeds. This 70% Sativa hybrid grows robust and vigorous, needing only 55-66 days to complete its flowe [...]

  • 3 seeds25.00€ 21.25€
  • 5 seeds41.00€ 32.80€

Jägg Kush - Delicious Seeds

Alchimiaweb presents here Jägg Kush from Delicious Seeds, a cannabis plant developed to offer an easy to grow, productive and highly psychoactive variety. The parents used are a Sweet Warlock male and a Jack Flash female (Skunk x Haze) called J [...]

  • 3 seeds25.00€ 17.50€
  • 5 seeds41.00€ 28.70€
  • 10 seeds76.00€ 60.80€

CBD Jam - Delicious Seeds

Alchimiaweb welcomes here the CBD Jam from Delicious Seeds, developed from the Marmalate cannabis strain (Critical Mass x Lavender). It is a quality hybrid with intense medicinal effect. Marmalate is a cross between a mostly Sativa plant and an Indi [...]

  • 3 seeds27.00€ 22.95€
  • 5 seeds54.00€ 43.20€

Caramelo F1 Early Version - Delicious Seeds

Alchimaweb presents here the Early Version of a popular strain from Delicious Seeds, the feminized Caramelo . This new variety has been developed by crossing Caramelo with a 4th generation automatic plant, with the aim to shorten its flowering period [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds34.00€ 27.20€

Sugar Black Rose F1 Early Version - Delicious Seeds

Now you can purchase in Alchimia this new genetics from Delicious Seeds, the Early Version of the Sugar Black Rose variety , which has a shortened flowering period thanks to the influence of a 4th generation autoflowering plant. The feminized Sugar [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds34.00€ 27.20€

Fruity Chronic Juice - Delicious Seeds

We have the production of the Chronic strain with the power and medicinal effects of the original White Widow. This crossing is predominantly Indica, very productive and with a fruity flavor that far exceeds both of its parents, giving it in addition [...]

  • 3 seeds22.00€ 18.70€
  • 5 seeds36.00€ 28.80€

Northern Light Blue - Delicious Seeds

Northern Light Blue from the seedbank Delicious Seeds is a crossing between the original Blueberry and the Northern Light marijuana. This mixture resulted in one of its Indica with most medicinal effect and great power, which produces a deep sense of [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds34.00€ 27.20€

Critical Sensi Star - Delicious Seeds

Critical Sensi Star is one of the most special indica from the seedbank Delicious Seeds. It combines musky flavors, or soft citrus from with fruity flavors peculiar of acidic fruit. The crossing between a terrific Sensi Star with a Critical Mass fr [...]

  • 3 seeds29.00€ 24.65€
  • 5 seeds45.00€ 31.50€

Critical Kali Mist - Delicious Seeds

Critical Kali Mist from the seedbank Delicious Seeds is a cannabis strain result of crossing the Critical Mass from Mr. Nice, with a spectacular selection of Kali Mist marijuana. We obtain a plant with incense and metallic taste, totally pure Kali, [...]

  • 3 seeds22.00€ 18.70€
  • 5 seeds36.00€ 28.80€

Critical Neville Haze - Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds Critical Neville Haze2.0 is a new version of this amazing genetics, which keeps its main features but with shorter flowering period - 70 days - and thus easier to grow. Get it now at Alchimiaweb! The Critical Mass genes provide short [...]

  • 3 seeds29.00€ 24.65€
  • 5 seeds45.00€ 36.00€

Critical Super Silver Haze - Delicious Seeds

Critical Super Silver Haze from the seedbank Delicious Seeds is a crossing of the marijuana Super Silver Haze which is one of the sativa most indica that exists containing a 30% indica and 70% sativa genetics. By crossing it with its Critical Mass m [...]

  • 3 seeds29.00€ 24.65€
  • 5 seeds45.00€ 36.00€

Delicious Candy - Delicious Seeds

Delicious Candy from the seedbank Delicious Seeds is a crossing that was created starting from the original Cheese, a unique phenotype of skunk #1 that came out of a seed packet from Sensi Seeds. In 88/89 this exquisite strain was created by crossing [...]

  • 3 seeds30.00€ 25.50€
  • 5 seeds46.00€ 36.80€

HoneyBells - Delicious Seeds

HoneyBells is a cannabis strain developed by Delicious Seeds, a CBD rich genetics with lemony and floral scent. Now available in Alchimiaweb in feminised seed form. It comes from crossing Caramelo (Lavender x Lavender) and a CBD rich plant known as [...]

  • 3 seeds27.00€ 22.95€
  • 5 seeds43.00€ 34.40€

Marmalate - Delicious Seeds

Marmalate from the seedbank Delicious Seeds is the result of the crossing between its mother Lavender of indica character, with a Critical Mass male from Mr. Nice. The result is this strain with a growing more typical of sativa-dominant hybrid, but w [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds34.00€ 23.80€

Marmalate Early - Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds presents the early version of its Marmalate variety, crossed with an autoflowering F4 line to give a shorter flowering time while retaining the mouthwatering organoleptic properties of Marmalate. Now available in the AlchimiaWeb femin [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds34.00€ 27.20€

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