Digital Scales 0.01 gr

Digital Scale Fuzion Pro 300g - 0,01g

Digital Scale Fuzion Pro 300g - 0.01g The Fuzion Pro 300g - 0.01g is an electronic precision laboratory scale (0.01), with a huge bright blue backlit display, a windshield and which can also measure in different metric systems: grams (g ), ounces (o [...]

  • 150.00€

Kenex Omega 200 Digital Scale

Available now in the online catalogue of Alchimia Grow, the Omega 200 precision scale from the famous brand Kenex. Supplied in a practical silicone container, it will protect the Omega 200 scale during transport, but can also be used to place cannab [...]

  • 0,01-200g29.90€ 23.90€

Kenex Rosin Scales 200

Alchimia presents this precision scale manufactured by Kenex, renowned for the quality of its products. With a maximum capacity of 200g and an accuracy of 0.01g, you can weigh your flowers or extractions with great precision and store several result [...]

  • 24.90€ 19.90€

Kenex Simplex SIM100 digital scale

Kenex presents the Simplex 100, an easy-to-use and highly efficient digital scale, now available in the online catalogue at With its compact size (8.3 x 5.2 x 1.6cm) the Simplex 100 allows you to weigh up to 100g with an accuracy of [...]

  • 0,01-100g9.90€

Kenex Vanity 100 digital scale

Now you can purchase in Alchimiaweb the new Kenex Vanity 100 digital scale, with a weighing capacity of 100gr and an accuracy of 0.01gr, so you can weigh your cannabis flowers and homemade hashish easily and precisely. It measures 7.5 x 7.5 cm, the [...]

  • 0.01g – 100g (Product sold out)19.50€

Kenex Magno 500 electronic scale

The Kenex Magno digital scale has been designed for weighing heavy objects of up to 500gr with an accuracy of 0.01gr. Now vailable in Alchimia Grow Shop. This digital scale measures 13 x 10.5 x 2 cm, while the dimensions of its stainless steel weigh [...]

  • 0,01-500g31.50€

Kenex ET-100 Digital Scales

The company Kenex is famous for its high quality design scales. Now the Kenex ET 100 precision scale is available in Alchimiaweb catalogue. The Kenex ET-100 digital scale with 0,01g precision and a maximum weight capacity of 100g is perfect for weig [...]

  • 0,01-100g18.00€ 14.35€

Kenex Veritas 100 digital scale

The new Kenex Veritas digital scale enables us to weigh up to 100gr with an accuracy of 0.01gr, being perfect to weigh small pieces of homemade hash . Already available in Alchimiaweb. Is measures 11.5 x 6 x 2.5 cm, while the dimensions of the weigh [...]

  • 0,01-100g (Product sold out)22.00€

Kenex Infinity 200 digital scale

The new Kenex digital scales are already available in Alchimia Grow Shop. The Kenex Infinity 200 is round shaped and has a capacity of 200gr/0.1gr. It measures 8.5cm in diameter and 2 in height - without the lid - 4 cm when closed. It has a retract [...]

  • 0,01-200g22.00€ 17.60€

Kenex Optimo 0.01-100g scale

Now in Alchimiaweb you have the Kenex Optimo, a portable digital scale, compact and with a large weighting area. which will increase comfort when using it. Made ??of stainless steel, its weighting range is from 0.01g to 100g. Its high sensitivity al [...]

  • 22.50€ 13.50€

Digital scale DA-20 0,001gr-20gr

Digital precision scale with a weighing capacity from 0.001gr to 20gr, ideal for maximum reliability when weighing small substances with the highest accuracy. It will be much more useful than a digital scale with a 0.1gr sensitivity. Very compact an [...]

  • (Product sold out)42.50€

Button Battery LR44 1,5V

Button batteries are used in many electronic devices, such as pH and EC meters, electronic balances . Seen that there are a few models of button batteries its necessary to check that the model is the 1,5 v LR44. [...]

  • 1 Battery1.00€

Kenex Compact Electronic Scale

The Kenex MX-500 & MX-100 are both quality, compact electronic scales with a practical and functional design. The smallest and most economical models in the Kenex range, these units bring the accuracy and reliability you'd expect at a reasonable [...]

  • MX 500 0,1-500g10.50€ 8.35€
  • MX 100 0,01-100g16.50€ 13.15€

Electronic scale VIP 300

The Kenex VIP-300 is a very high precision, compact electronic scale with a functional, stylish designand great accuracy. Inside the discreet flip-lid case you'll find a high quality unit with a maximum capacity of 300g, offering the possibility to [...]

  • 0,01-300g22.50€ 18.00€

Kenex KX-100 CF Professional Electronic Scale

The Kenex KX-100 CF is a professional quality digital precision scale with a compact, stylish and practical design. The Kenex brand is a mark of quality and accuracy, and nothing demonstrates that better than this model. Well-constructed and conveni [...]

  • 0,01-100g30.00€ 24.00€

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