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The pleasure of consuming your concentrates is limitless and certainly you want to enjoy it everywhere in the best possible conditions. Alchimia is glad to present Pulsar RöK, an electronic Rig to vaporise BHO or Rosin and your cannabis flowers, both at home and away. A device with unique features right now on the market

Pulsar RöK, a portable electric dab ring

Experience a very pleasant and gentle vaporisation of your flowers and cannabis concentrates with Pulsar Rök. This is possible thanks to the filtration system, a perforated disc, located in the borosilicate glass base that produces micro bubbles to cool de vapour. This enjoyable experience is also aided by a heating system without an electric coil. Two different nails are incorporated, one of quartz for concentrates vaporisation and another of ceramic for cannabis flowers consumption.

Pulsar RöK has 3 predefined settings to change the voltage and therefore the vaporisation temperature. A small logo light up in different colours depending on the selected temperature: green 360ºC, blue 415ºC and red 450ºC. We can use the lower temperature in the cannabis flowers vaporisation while the higher temperature brings us closer to a vaporisation experience similar to that of a classic water pipe.

The battery level is also indicated by the logo colour; 100% green, 50% and red needs recharging. The battery is charged in 2 hours and allows between 25 and 30 dabs depending on the selected temperature. We can enjoy fully our concentrates or flowers alone or in good company.

Pulsar RöK Electric Oil Rig info:

  • Electric rig for concentrates and cannabis flowers vaporisation
  • Size: 15cm
  • Insulated air circuit
  • 3 Voltage settings (Temperatures)
  • Metal body
  • Quartz nail for concentrates
  • Ceramic nail for flowers
  • Borosilicate glass filter base
  • Disc Carb percolator
  • 1 year warranty

Accessories of E-Rig Pulsar RöK

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