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GreenBee 250ml Hemp oil

GreenBee 250ml Hemp oil

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El Drac Verd organic hemp

El Drac Verd organic hemp
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    shipping (*) presents El Drac Verd organic hemp, ideal for infusions or to cook, taking advantage of the powerful CBD properties and benefits.

El Drac Verd Organic hemp, local organic product

The 30g or 60g bags contain a mixture of crushed industrial hemp leaves and flowers cultivated in l'Empordà. They are sold under the local trade normative, also applicable to its distribution.

It is organically and ecologically grown in healthy soil without the use of chemical pesticides of any kind, in order to offer the highest quality.

We can use it to make infusions, vapours, decoctions or hemp flour to use in our favourite recipes.

El Drac Verd organic hemp, with CBD and with less than 0.2% THC

It can also be inhaled using a cannabis vaporiser, and can even be used as a tobacco substitute in cannabis cigarettes, helping to reduce risks related to nicotine addiction.

It is a perfectly legal product containing high CBD levels but less than 0.2% of THC. It does not cause any psychoactive effect.

Ii is completely safe and easily assimilated, helping us to calm physical pain, anxiety and insomnia naturally and without any side effect.

El Drac Verd organic hemp info:

  • Organic hemp leaves and flowers mixture
  • Local product, from l'Alt Empordà (Catalonia)
  • High CBD level, less than 0.2% THC
  • Available in 30g and 60g
  • It can be used to make infusions, flours, vaporisations or even to smoke it as a tobacco substitute in cannabis cigarettes

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