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OTTO Automatic Grinder / Roller

Alchimiaweb.com presents OTTO Automatic Grinder and Smart cone filling machine by Banana Bros. It is designed to facilitate the buds crushing without wasting a grass milligram of your cannabis harvest. This intelligent grinder is designed to make qu [...]

  • 129.00€ 109.60€

Electric Metal Grinder - Batteries

Metal grinder powered with batteries. This device operates like an electric coffee grinder, which crushes the bud and places it in a closed and clean compartment, without any effort. * Batteries are not included [...]

  • 8.50€ 6.75€

Electric grinder NOVI

Alchimia presents the automatic electric grinder from Novi, so you can effortlessly grind your weed in the best possible way, now available in our catalogue of cannabis grinders. The Novi electric grinder, elegant and efficient The Novi electric gr [...]

  • Black 45.00€
  • White45.00€
Coming Soon

Grindhouse King Kut Electric Grinder - Wood

Alchimia presents the Grindhouse King Kut electric wooden grinder, now available in our catalogue of accessories for the cannabis smoker. This electric grinder allows you to grind your weed effortlessly in the best possible way using a device with a [...]

  • 45.00€

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