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Sologerol CBG Auto - Elite Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Sologerol CBG Auto by Elite Seeds, an AutoFem strain with high CBG levels and THC-free. Sologerol CBG Auto, cannabigerol rich and THC-free Sologerol CBG Auto is a 60/40 Sativa Indica hybrid with a secret linea [...]

  • 3 seeds60.00€
  • 7 seeds120.00€ 72.00€

Purplediol Auto CBD - Elite Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Purplediol Auto CBD by Elite Seeds, a variety with a THC:CBD 34:1 ratio and purple colours, now available in our feminised auto-flowering cannabis seeds catalogue. Purplediol Auto CBD, 17% CBD and 0.5% THC This strain is [...]

  • 3 seeds23.00€
  • 7 seeds54.00€

Dark Rose Auto CBD - Elite Seeds

We are glad to present Dark Rose Auto CBD by Elite Seeds, the Purplediol Auto CBD version with a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio. This variety is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimiaweb.com Dark Rose Auto CBD, THC:CBD 1:1 ratio Lik [...]

  • 3 seeds24.00€
  • 7 seeds56.00€ 36.40€

Solodiol Auto - Elite Seeds

We invite you to discover here the autoflowering version of the acclaimed Solodiol Clasica by Elite seeds, a CBD strain with less than 1% THC content. Now available in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of AutoFem seeds. This strain is highly appreciated by me [...]

  • 3 seeds23.00€
  • 7 seeds54.00€ 35.05€

La Rica Auto CBD - Elite Seeds

La Rica Auto CBD is the automatic and CBD-rich version of the feminised La Rica by Elite Seeds, a cannabis strain that stands out for its spectacular fruity flavor. With 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, La Rica Auto CBD keeps the main features of the original La [...]

  • 3 seeds24.00€
  • 7 seeds56.00€ 36.40€
UP TO 35%

Elite 47 Auto - Elite Seeds

Elite 47 Auto from Elite Seeds enters Alchimia's catalog to please all lovers of the feminized version of Elite 47, now with a much shorter flowering period. This genetics comes from the cross between Elite 47 - a hybrid of two AK47 marijuana plants [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)18.00€ 12.60€
  • 7 seeds42.00€ 27.25€

Sedativa CBDV Auto - Elite Seeds

Elite Seeds presents here Sedativa, a marijuana variety that offers a high CBDV concentration as well as a high CBD content. CBDV is a cannabinoid which is usually found in low concentrations in cannabis plants. This variety has a CBDV:CBD 7:8 ratio, [...]

  • 3 seeds45.00€
  • 7 seeds90.00€ 54.00€

Llimonet Haze Auto CBD - Elite Seeds

Elite Seeds and Alchimiaweb present here Llimonet Haze Auto CBD, the automatic and CBD rich version of their famous Llimonet Haze feminised strain. Llimonet Haze Auto CBD grows to medium-high height and develops vigorously and well branched. It is [...]

  • 3 seeds24.00€
  • 7 seeds56.00€

Goliat Auto - Elite Seeds

Goliat Auto is the autoflowering version of the cannabis strain Bestial Skunk from Elite Seeds , a fast flowering variety wih candy flavour and a potent cerebral effect. Thus, Goliat Auto grows with the typical Skunk structure, branched and medium-s [...]

  • 3 seeds18.00€
  • 7 seeds42.00€

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