Face Off OG Bx2 by Archive Se
Face Off OG Bx2 by Archive Se
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Face Off OG Bx2 by Archive Se

Face Off OG Bx2 from Archive Seeds is rooted in 90's California, sourced from a powerful and fragrant OG Kush strain, selected and reproduced as regular seeds and now available here at Alchimiaweb.

This project started with a batch of seeds from a memorable harvest of OG Kush, known in underground circles as "Face/Off OG". After selecting the best female plant from these seeds, phenotype #4, Archive Seeds crossed it with a male Face/Off, then the offspring was crossed with the parent plant Face Off #4. From the seeds obtained from this first backcross (Bx1), a male was selected and then used to pollinate the mother Face Off #4, in order to fix its appreciable characteristics as much as possible.

The second backcross of Face Off OG perfectly captures the essence of this old school OG Kush, nicknamed "Face Off" for its physically destructive effect. With 70% Indica heritage, Face Off is a cannabis plant that is mature and ready to harvest after just 63 days of flowering.

Face Off OG can tend to stretch during the onset to flowering, growing into a medium to high plant, however it reacts well to pruning and trellising, which encourages the formation of more bud sites and optimises the yield.

Expect a medium to high yield of dense and compact flowers, caked in white by a thick layer of resin that will delight lovers of cannabis concentrates. Its complex and powerful aroma combines sweet and floral notes on an organic and earthy background, while its pronounced physically narcotic effect can have medical applications in the fight against pain.

Important: Due to its high cannabinoid content and devastatingly powerful effect, Archive Seeds does not recommend this variety to users with limited tolerance.

Archive Seeds Face Off OG Bx2 info:

  • Genetics: Face Off OG #4 x Face Off OG Bx1
  • Type: Regular
  • 70/30 Indica-Sativa Hybrid
  • Flowering time: 63 days
  • Yield: Good
  • Size: Medium-High
  • THC: High
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