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Floraflex Nutrients B2

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Floraflex presents B2, a fertiliser to use during the plant flowering stage that together with the Floraflex Nutrients B1 provides an optimal nourishment to our garden. Floraflex has designed these high quality fertilisers, clean and with a stable pH. They are ideal, within the cannabis market, to get the best of our cultivation.

Floraflex Nutrients have been formulated and designed by the Floraflex team to provide growers a perfect nutrition for their plants. These fertilisers have a great versatility, being able to change the nutritional regime when the grower deems it convenient. These quality products are free of heavy metals and have been formulated with the best raw materials on the market.

Floraflex Nutrients B2, a highly concentrated fertiliser

Floraflex fertilisers are presented in powder form for ease of use, transport and storage. It is an excellent choice for both large and small cultivators.

This fertilizer can be mixed in equal parts for a standard nutrition or the solution can be modified by increasing the B2 dose over the B1 one, increasing the potassium content and creating a super PK, so there is no need to add other nutrients.

These fertilizers adapt well to all cannabis varieties in a simple and intuitive way. Plants that do not accept many nutrients we can use soft table parameters and for plants that accept high nutrients amounts we use the original, medium, aggressive or super aggressive table parameters. Floraflex recommends not to use the super aggressive formula without first trying the aggressive formula.

Floraflex Nutrients B1, compatible with automatic irrigation systems

B2 contains 0% Nitrogen, 28% Soluble Potassium, 18% Potassium, 8% Magnesium and 11% Sulphur, combined with B1 produces a powerful and balanced nutritive solution that avoids plant blockages.

It is important to mention that these products are totally compatible with automatic irrigation systems, recommending Floraflex systems. These quality fertilisers can be used on the different cannabis substrates such as soil, coconut, rock wool and pure hydroponic systems such as NFT or DWS.

The nutrients mixture with the irrigation water has a pH stability, facilitating the pH control since it is an important factor so that the plants assimilate the nutrients to the maximum and offer their maximum potential to the cultivator.

Floraflex Nutrients B2 info:

  • Flowering fertiliser concentrate
  • Powder Formulated
  • Mix B1 with B2 in equal parts or according to the cultivation table parameters and needs
  • N-P-K/Mg: 0-28-18/8
  • Dosage: 1-3g per 4 litres
  • Size: 0.46L

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