Flower Fytosave 100cc Plant phytovaccine against powdery mildew

Flower Fytosave 100cc Plant phytovaccine against powdery mildew
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Flower Fytosave 100cc , a phytovaccine designed to stimulate the plant defences against the cannabis Oidium pest.

Flower Fytosave, a phytovaccine that stimulates the natural defences against Oidium

It is a natural product based on 1.25% COS-OGA that acts as an elicitor, stimulating the cellular tissues to trigger a natural defence reaction by secreting substances to combat systemic infections.

Thus, by keeping the plant strong and ready to combat pathogens, it will act much faster and more efficiently when a pest or infection appears, particularly Oidium.

In other words, it minimizes the impact and appearance of Oidium, preventing it from implanting and spreading throughout the plant, as well as reducing its aggressiveness and virulence, making it easier to control.

Flower Fytosave phytovaccine against Oidium, totally natural and leaves no residue

It is a 100% natural product, which leaves no residue in the plants, and withstands rain and ultraviolet rays from the sun or indoor lighting systems without losing effectiveness.

There is no need for a safety period before harvest, as it can be used throughout the plant cycle without affecting the buds.

It is applied by spraying the whole plant wetting the leaves and stems well, at a rate of 2-5ml per litre of water, a maximum of 5 times throughout the entire cultivation cycle, ideally between March and July.

Flower Fytosave 100cc Phytovaccine info:

  • Phytovaccine based on natural products
  • Active principle: COS-OGA 1.25%.
  • Stimulates the plant natural defences
  • Prevents Oidium appearance and spreading
  • Diminishes its impact and facilitates its elimination
  • Can be used throughout all plant cycle
  • Spray the plant at a rate of 2-5ml/l of water
  • Apply a maximum of 5 times throughout the cultivation

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