Fruity Autoflower Mix
Fruity Autoflower Mix
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Fruity Autoflower Mix

The Fruity Autoflower Mix allows you to try 3 mouth-watering fruit-flavoured autoflowering varieties from the Dutch Passion catalogue. Now available online here at Alchimiaweb.

Orange Bud is a classic strain possessing a markedly tangie flavour that has a complete cycle of 10-11 weeks. A variety that's easy to grow, potent and with an unforgettable taste.

The automatic version of the famous Blueberry brings us the best genetics of the Blue family with a complete cycle of 10 weeks and the sweet and fruity flavour you'd expect.

Finally, the Daiquiri Lime represents the meeting between a California Orange and a Sour Diesel. An automatic plant with a euphoric effect and all the fruity and spicy flavours of the Diesel family. The complete cycle of the Daiquiri Lime is 11 weeks from germination.

The Fruity Autoflower Mix Kit includes:

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