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Not only of cannabis does the grower live... There is a saying that states, if you know how to grow marijuana, you can grow any plant... and it would certainly be true. The cannabis growing world has reached a great complexity for its improvement such as the cultivation techniques, optimisation, tutoring, stress reduction, etc. Also the optimal fertilisers use and dosage, the use of hydroponic or aeroponic systems. Furthermore the use of different substrates for the cannabis cultivation such as coconut and arlita among many others.

All these factors certainly make the good cannabis grower an expert in horticulture. Many of the techniques the grower has acquired from the marijuana world can now be very useful in garden cultivation.

It is true that each plant has its own specificities, but with a little time we will be able to appreciate, for example, if a tomato plant or a lettuce grows optimally and if it will provide the production we expect.

If you like growing marijuana, you may also enjoy cultivating fruit, flowers and vegetables. Interestingly, the gaps between crops can be filled with other varieties. Also, some plants can help and benefit the cannabis cultivation, by eliminating pests or providing nutrients. Allopathic plants can be used.

Alchimia presents these garden seeds, plant varieties which can be cultivated in an vegetable patch, an urban garden, an indoor grow tent or in the garden. It is a range from classic vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes or onions to aromatic, exotic or ornamental herbs which may attract your attention.

All the seeds have been selected by prestigious producers. Many are organic seeds, local varieties and produced at source.

At Alchimiaweb we wish you enjoy growing and consuming them!

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