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10x20x50cm air filter bag

Mushroom grow bags with air filter, now in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop. Sterilisable transparent plastic bags. Its dimensions, 10x20x50cm, make them ideal for the fructification of magic mushroom kits, both commercial and homemade. Pla [...]

  • 1.00€

Outdoor guerrilla kit

Now available for you in Alchimia, this outdoor guerrilla kit has been especially designed so your outdoor marijuana plants have everything they need for a proper growth and bloom. It includes fertilizers, polymers and natural enhancers to protect yo [...]

  • outdoor-guerrilla-kit (Product sold out)69.00€

Outdoor beginner kit

The Outdoor beginner kit is perfect those growers who are getting started in cannabis cultivation on terraces balconies or backyards. It includes all the necessary elements for an optimal development of our plants, so we can enjoy our new hobby with [...]

  • (Product sold out)61.00€

Flower Care Smart Monitor Xiaomi Huahuacaocao

Xiaomi introduces the Huahuacaocao Flower Care Smart Monitor Plant Controller, a handy tool for those who want to perfectly control moisture, temperature, EC and lighting, available now in the Alchimia catalogue. The Flower Care Smart Monitor is an [...]

  • 39.90€ 35.90€

Cactus Focus

Cactus Focus is a concentrated liquid fertilizer designed for the development of cactus and plants which store liquids in a similar way, completely balanced, useful for a wide range of cacti. Effective both for growth and flowering of these plants, [...]

  • 100ml (Product sold out)3.10€
  • 300ml (Product sold out)4.90€

Orchid Focus Gift Pack

Orchid Focus Gift Pack is a set of fertilizers for orchids, ready for you to try the three basic products for a good development of your plants, ie fertilizers based on growth and flowering and the stimulator Orchid Ultra, all of 100ml capacity. Thi [...]

  • (Product sold out)9.90€

Orchid Myst Repotting Kit

Orchid Myst Repotting Kit is a pack of fertilizers for orchids designed to give you everything your plants need since the first time, and so you can make emerge again their beautiful flowers. Including a transparent pot of 13cm in diameter, which co [...]

  • 12.00€

Bonsai Focus

Bonsai Focus is a fertilizer product designed specifically for the bonsai plants, which have very little substrate to develop roots and to feed themselfs. For this reason, it is important to give them the right amount of nutrients they need, but regu [...]

  • 100ml (Product sold out)3.10€

Herb Focus

Herb Focus is a quality concentrated fertilizer designed for growing spices and aromatic herbs, such as parsley, coriander, dill, thyme, rosemary, bay ... both indoors and outdoors, in pots or Smartpot, ensuring a simple but balanced nutrition and fa [...]

  • 100ml3.10€
  • 300ml4.90€

Jar with air filter 1200ml

Alchimia Grow Shop presents these Plastic Jars with built-in air filter, ideal for magic mushroom cultivation. These jars are heat resistant and can be sterilised using a pressure cooker when preparing the grain substrate, which then can b [...]

  • 1.90€

Jar with air filter 280ml

Now in the catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop, Jars with built-in air filter, perfect for mushroom cultivation. These jars are heat resistant, can be sterilised using a pressure cooker during the preparation of our mushroom leaf, with the grain and the [...]

  • 1.20€

Chilli Focus

Chilli Focus is a complete fertilizer for growing all kinds of peppers, either potted, Smartpot or directly on the floor. This concentrated fertilizer of high quality is usable both in growth and bloom, just changing the dose, and also has humic and [...]

  • 100ml (Product sold out)3.10€

Cactus Focus Repotting Mix

Cactus Focus Repotting Mix is a nutritious mixture intended for use as a substrate in which we'll sow / transplant our cactus, making sure it contains the right amount of nutrients to feed our plants for about 2 months. The mixture was prepared usin [...]

  • 2L3.00€

Carnivorous Plant Repotting Mix

Carnivorous Plant Repotting Mix is designed to be used as a substrate for carnivorous plants, designed so that its structure is very similar to the soil we found in wetlands where they are. With a high water holding capacity and low levels of minera [...]

  • 2L3.00€

Bonsai Focus Repotting Mix

Bonsai Focus Repotting Mix is a mixture of substrate and nutrients made ​​from peat, fine sand, sand and bark, feeding your bonsai in a full and balanced manner. Its texture is spongy, facilitating root growth and the retention of adequate water [...]

  • 2L3.00€

Clear Orchid Pot Saucer transparent dish

Orchid Pot Saucers are dishes made of transparent plastic designed for growing orchids , compatible with 13cm and 19cm pots. Buying both the saucer and the Orchid Pot is recommended, as the two are transparent, making sure that the roots receive all [...]

  • For 13cm pot1.20€
  • For 19cm pot (Product sold out)1.50€

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