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GHE Bio Essentials

Bio Essentials from GHE is a concentration of trace elements in chelated form, essential trace elements and organic buffers. In conjunction with the primary and secondary elements, the trace and micro-elements are the necessary nutrients for a balanc [...]

  • 1 L7.20€

T.A. Fulvic (Ghe Diamond Nectar®) - Natural Biostimulator

Terra Aqutica Fulvic (Ghe Diamond Nectar®) is an exclusive extract of fulvic acid, rich in organic substances and essential minerals for plants. It is a stimulator for all growth phases. Due to regulatory and chelating action, as well as its high [...]

  • 1 L29.50€
  • 5 L99.50€

T.A. Pro Roots (Ghe Bio Roots®) - Root Stimulator

Pro Roots 30 ml from BIO BOOSTERS Terra Aquatica is a root stimulator. It promotes the develPro Rootsopment of micro-organisms in the root mass as well as the growth of roots and rootlets. Pro Roots 30 ml allows a healthy and vigorous root developme [...]

  • 30 ml15.50€

T.A. Pro Bloom (Ghe Bio Bloom®) - Bloom Activator 30 ml

Pro Bloom 30ml from BIO BOOSTERS Terra Aquatica is a plant growth and flowering activator.One of its specific properties is the relocation of the nutrients in the plant, acting on those sections with most deficiencies. In ensuring an even nutritional [...]

  • 30 ml15.90€

T.A. Protect (Ghe Bio Protect®) - Plant Tonic & Regenerator

Protect (formerly Bio Protec de GHE) 30ml from BIO BOOSTERS Terra Aquatica acts as a plant strenghtener and regenerator. It strengthens the immune system and repels insects, by increasing the production of alkaloidal repulsive saps in the l [...]

  • 30 ml16.50€

T.A. Silicate (Ghe Mineral Magic®) - Natural organic additive

Silicate (Mineral Magic) from Terra Aquatica (General Hydroponics) is a natural organic additive for nutrient solutions. It contains silicate, an essential trace element with beneficial effects for numerous plants, especially for hydroponic [...]

  • 1 Kg18.50€

T.A. Trikologic S (Ghe SubCulture®) Roots protector

T.A. Trikologic S (Ghe SubCulture®) protects the roots from fungal attacks either in hydroponic or soil crops. Trikologic S from Terra Aquatica, is a mixture of beneficial micro-organisms which protect the roots from pathogenic fungi, wrappi [...]

  • 10 gr28.50€

T.A. Trikologic (Ghe Bioponic Mix®) - Trichoderma Harzianum

Trichoderma Harzianum is a fungus which promotes the natural growth by colonizing the roots of the plants, increasing the nutrient and water absorption capacity and protecting the roots against diseases. This fungus creates a protective shield aroun [...]

  • 10 gr7.50€

GHE pH Down - powder - 25gr

pH Down Powder It is harmless when dry. It becomes a powerful regulator of pH when mixed with water. It is economical and very concentrated. It can be used during the growth period and when flowering. Contains nutrients necessary for the marijua [...]

  • 2.50€

GHE pH Regulator - Reducer - 1 L

We have found a means to regulate the pH that also has other benefits, in addition to the balanced mixture of acids. We have incorporated organic buffers into the product in order to stabilise the pH and help control calcium in hard water. A good s [...]

  • 500 ml7.00€
  • 1L12.00€

GHE UP pH regulator - 1 L

GHE UP pH regulator - 1 L is used to raise the pH, it is very helpful for growers who use water that is demineralised or has passed through an osmosis filter. This new version contains silicate. The lack of silicate can be a disadvantage in hydropo [...]

  • 12.00€

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