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GHE WaterFarm - 45 L

Water-Farm from General Hydroponics is a system designed to hold and grow 1-6 plants. AquaFarm and its operation is effective, reliable, easy to use and affordable, allowing plants to grow more quickly and obtain a greater harvest.


45.5 cm side (square) and 43 cm high.

Square flowerpot with a capacity of 45 litres and made of recycled plastic.

Since 1975, they have sold thousands of AquaFarm cultivation systems from General Hydroponics throughout the world, with excellent results for their users.

Plants are grown in a pot filled with clay pebbles. The growth chamber is suspended above the reservoir with nutrients. An air pump drives the solution and is fed through a distribution pipe, from which it drips onto the pebbles.

This process mixes the nutrients with air, continuously bathing the roots, and stimulating the growth of the plants.

See the technical documentation (PDF) here .

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