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We regret to inform you that the manufacturer has discontinued this product and it will no longer be available. We would like to offer you an alternative product with similar characteristics to the one you are looking for:

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Glass BHO extractor

Glass BHO extractor
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Extraction utensile for marijuana resin extracts or BHO by means of refined butane gas, free of impurities and sold to recharge lighters.

This extraction tube model is medium-large, making it ideal in home extractions for regular users, obtaining considerable amounts of oil in each ectraction. Its capacity is 50-60g, of good marijuana, will allow us to obtain a result 10-15 % if conditions are optimum. We have to bear in mind not all genetics offer equal results or aromas, and different genetics have a slightly different response to the same resin extraction process.

We must consider the need to use impurity-free refined gas in order to obtain best tastes and purity, since we will thus make sure that no unwanted element (particles, impurities, mercaptans, added odours meant to detect leaks...) end up in the end extraction. Also, due to the limited pressure they contain, which is not too high, we will need more than one bottle (even two for the larger model) to be able to extract all cannabis resin particles. It is possible to freeze the sample to work on it again some time later, or else use this grass to make medicinal cannabis butter. This way, we make sure we extract all the resin.

Also, the fact that it is made of borosilicate glass makes it a bit more fragile than plastic or metal ones, but in return, it provides us with two great advantages: first, to be able to see how the grass is distributed inside the tube, avoiding air pockets or excessive pressure; and it is completely neutral so it does not react to gas, which ensures no unexpected tastes or harmful elements in the end oil.

In short, this BHO extractor is ideal for those who aim for top quality and purity while making larger amounts, as well as being able to enjoy watching the whole process and the way gas acts through it. It is ideal for larger extractions and it gives the regular BHO user (using either a cigarette or a glass bubbler) a certain peace of mind, not having to keep on making extractions over and over. .

Features of the oil extractor by Red Bubble Glass:

  • 51 cm long x 4 cm wide
  • Capacity: 50-60g
  • Cap with 1.88cm joint
  • Laboratory clip 1.88cm
  • Removing the cap it's easier to empty

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