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Alchimia presents the Psilocybes Cubensis Golden Teacher Grow Kit, producing large mushrooms very popular with experienced growers.

Of unknown origin, Golden Teacher mushrooms have been on the market since the 80s, when they first appeared on the North American hippie scene.

They are large, fleshy mushrooms with a golden cap, hence the name Golden Teacher.

Mushroom grow kit with Golden Teacher mycelium

They are easy to grow, and will need humidity of 60 to 80%, with temperatures of 21 to 24ºC. A mini electric greenhouse will help maintain optimal conditions.

To achieve the best results, it's vital to keep the temperature and humidity stable throughout the entire cycle, because if we don't, the fruiting can be delayed or even interrupted.

In addition, the first week is especially important, as the cake needs to be properly acclimated and activated to begin production of the first mushroom harvest, which will be ready to cut after about 15 days.

Golden Teacher mushroom growing kit info:

  • Psilocybes Cubensis Golden Teacher
  • 1200ml of high quality fresh mycelium
  • Includes grow manual in English and Spanish
  • Includes a bag with clips
  • Includes microfilters for mushroom ventilation


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  • To preserve the quality of the mycelium and prevent it from being affected by the inclement weather, we renew the loafs stock frequently, which can cause the shipping time to oscillate slightly. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Mycelium loaves and spores are exclusively for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental studies.
  • They are not intended for agricultural or food use.
  • Setnatur and Alchimia can not be held responsible for any illegal use that third parties may make of these products.
We suggest to not send this product to a collecting point since we can't control its preservation conditions and its adequate storage when arrives at the store.

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Opinions about Golden Teacher mushroom growing kit - Setnatur and questions 14

27-10-2019-> Gary Gibson says:

Do you ship to UK? Thanks

28-10-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Gary, thanks for your enquiry. Yes, we do indeed ship this item to the UK. All the best!

27-09-2019-> Kash says:

Do you guys ship to Jamaica?

30-09-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Kash, thanks for enquiring but I'm afraid we don't ship to Jamaica at the moment, really sorry about that. All the best.

31-08-2019-> Matthew Davies says:

Guessing you can't ship to Australia :(?

02-09-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Matthew,

We can ship all our products except cannabis seeds and mushrooms to Australia, we apologize for that.


16-08-2019-> JOSE says:

Do you ship to Malaysia?

19-08-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Jose, I'm afraid we're unable to ship to Malaysia at the moment for legal reasons, I'm really sorry about that.

29-06-2019-> Kira says:

Do you ship to USA

01-07-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Kira,

Unfortunately, we can't ship our products to the USA, we hope this will soon change.


24-04-2019-> Bruno says:

Shipping to Peru?

24-04-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Bruno, 

We're sorry, but we can only ship seeds to Peru.


16-02-2019-> Trast Knapmiller says:

I was wondering if the bin and substrate is included! Thank you.

18-02-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Trast,

Everything is included, you'll only have to worry about following a few easy steps.



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