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GREEN HOPE Bloom Activator
GREEN HOPE Bloom Activator
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GREEN HOPE Bloom Activator

FLORAMAX 60 ml from Green Hope is a bloom stimulator. It is a biological activator that creates optimal conditions for the bacterial life in the substrate, while inhibiting factors that hinder it, such as an unstable pH level, and activating the enzymatic mechanisms that activate and accelerate microbiological activity.

With FLORAMAX from Green Hope greater absorption of specific microelements in different phases of the life cycle of the plant is obtained, as well as the acceleration of the nitrogen cycle. The catalyzing or forced acceleration by enzymes helps to reduce the accumulation of salts in the substrate.

It is especially useful in hydroponic crops, as plants are swarming with chemicals, and these products also metabolize in the salt that is accumulated in the tissues of the plant. The flavour improves and the harvest quality increases.

The extreme concentration of the product (1 ml per 10 L of water) is a proof of its purity and concentration.

Bloom Stimulator FLORAMAX from Green Hope:

  • Increases the absorption of nutrients and the plant produces thicker and more compact flowers or buds with a sweeter flavour. The harvest is greater and the accumulation of salts in the tissues is minimal.
  • When using a Green Hope product line, it is important to check for symptoms of deficiencies of magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium and, where appropriate, increase the quantity of fertiliser about a 10%.
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