Green light LED working lamp

Now available in Alchimia, we present this sturdy and practical LED night working lamp which emits green light only, in a spectrum not 'seen' by chlorophyl-producing plants, allowing us to work in our garden during the plants' night period without inducing light stress.

It's of the utmost importance to respect the dark period when growing cannabis, especially during flowering. Interrupting or disrupting this period in any way can have disastrous results and may cause hermaphroditism/intersex expression, delayed flowering, mutations and the horrific possibility of harvesting a seeded crop instead of prime sensimilla buds.

Due to the demands of everyday life, it's often impossible to tend to our cannabis grow during daylight, or the hours that the lights are switched on, meaning maintenance and other jobs can be a challenge if we don't want the consequences of stressing our plants. This green lamp provides a practical, economical solution to the problem and will help to relieve a little stress from busy growers in addition to the plants!

This working lantern can be used as a handheld light, thanks to its handle, or hang it from the ceiling/wall of your indoor growing room for maximum comfort.

With a professional finish and with a durable plastic housing, it has two intensity modes (maximum or 50%). To aid fitting it has two hooks that rotate 360 degrees and a magnet on the handle to anchor it properly.

Its long life battery powers 78 high intensity LEDs, and allows it to be charged with the included cable to the wall or car adapter.

Green light working lamp info:

  • 78 high intensity LEDs
  • Green light
  • Wall charger
  • Car charger
  • Charge indicator
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