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Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Advanced Nutrients fertilisers, a starter kit that includes all the necessary products to perform a full cannabis cultivation from growth to flowering. It includes boosters and basic fertilisers that help our plants to exp [...]

  • 98.90€ 79.12€

Bat Monkey 1kg

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Bat Monkey Organic Solid Fertilizer, made from bat guano from Madagascar. This fertiliser is ideal for enriching the soil for growing cannabis, it fortifies plants to increase their vegetative growth and flowering develop [...]

  • 10.90€ 8.72€

Guanokalong Complete Organics 1L

Guanokalong Complete Organics is a solid fertilizer with a balanced and complete mix of organic nutrients, which is included in the GK Organics range of products. Now available in Alchimiaweb. With 2-5-3 NPK content and rich in oligoelements, it pro [...]

  • 21.78€ 17.42€

Guanokalong BatBoost K2 Liquid 1L

Guanokalong presents BatBoost K2, a 100% organic liquid fertilizer ideal to get the most out of your crops and improve the flavor of the buds, either for outdoor or indoor cultivation. Now available in Alchimiaweb. It is a mix of Guanokalong extract [...]

  • 21.78€ 16.34€

Grotek Mega Pack Fertilizers

You can purchase now the Grotek Megapack of organo-mineral fertilizers in Alchimiaweb, which includes everything you need to get the best results in your marihuana crop . This set of fertilizers is designed so that you have every product you need f [...]

  • 159.28€ 143.35€

Canna Nitrogen 17% 1L

Alchimia presents another component of the Canna Mononutrients range of products, the 1L bottle of Canna Nitrogen 17%. It is one of the most efficient ways to quickly solve a deficiency of nitrogen, an essential macro nutrient. Nitrogen is used in b [...]

  • 16.45€ 13.16€

Guanokalong Seaweed Powder 1L

Guanokalong Seaweed Powder is a new product included in the GK Organics range of nutrients formulated by Guanokalong. It is completely organic and made of red seaweed (Gracilaria). Now available in Alchimiaweb. Seaweed Powder contains macronutrients [...]

  • 26.62€ 19.97€


Spirulina from Terralba is a highly nutritious organic and ecological amendment containing a large amount of nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll and protein. Spirulina is marine algae tha [...]

  • 50 gr8.90€
  • 100g15.90€

Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit, a set that includes all the necessary elements for a complete cultivation in a 1m2 area. Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit, suitable for all kinds of substrates Powder Feeding mineral [...]

  • 49.95€ 37.46€

Plagron Top Grow Box Terra

The Top Grow Box Terra kit by Plagron is now available in Alchimiaweb to offer all growers a complete set of nutrients for growing cannabis in soil, enough for a 1m2 crop. This set of product includes base fertilizers (Terra Grow and Terra Bloom) wh [...]

  • 58.55€ 46.84€

Earth Max Grow by Vitalink 1L.

Vitalink Earth Max Grow is a complete mineral fertiliser for the growth period of cannabis plants, now available on Alchimiaweb. Earth Max Grow is a mixture of mineral nutrients for vegetative growth and fulvic acid in order to potentiate the develo [...]

  • 15.70€ 8.64€

B.A.C Fast Food 1.5 L

BAC 1.5 L Fast Food is a fertiliser specifically designed and developed for use with auto-flowering marijuana plants, based on a single fertiliser for the two stages both for growth as for flowering. This fertiliser, in its composition, combines ever [...]

  • 42.04€ 33.63€

B.A.C. Organic Starter Kit

Discover the B.A.C. organic fertiliser range with this Organic Starter Kit available at Alchimiaweb. Harvest abundant and tasty crops with this organic nutrient kit that includes all the elements needed to cultivate, from growth to flowering in the [...]

  • 84.81€ 67.85€

Metrop Mother Kit

Metrop presents here Mother Kit, a special set including 4+1 Metrop products intended to keep mother plants healthy. It also helps to improve cuttings production. This kit is now available in our cannabis nutrient products catalogue at Alchimiaweb. [...]

  • 250ml84.70€ 76.20€
  • 1L195.00€ 175.45€


Alchimia presents Aptus N-Boost, an organic-mineral booster that helps to treat nitrogen deficiencies, stimulating the plants' growth and development. Nitrogen is essential in cannabis cultivation for plants to grow and develop quickly. This product [...]

  • 36.30€ 29.04€

GUANOKALONG Taste Improver Liquid

Guanokalong Taste Improver is a 100% natural and odourless supplement which contains guano from bats and seabirds. Taste Improver provides a complete presence of nutritional macro and micro elements, enhancing taste, quality and yield. Taste Improv [...]

  • 1 L16.34€ 12.26€

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