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Blackjak is an organic mixture of humic and fulvic quality acid that marijuana plants grown in soil and hydroponics will appreciate. It contains a sample of 20% humic acid and 4.5% fulvic acid. Ideal for improving soil quality, increasing the capaci [...]

  • 100 ml (Product sold out)6.00€

SuperDrive by Growth Technology

SuperDrive from Growth Technology is a product based on totally pure concentrates of seaweed, which provides a huge dose of vitamins for the nutrition of our indoor cannabis grow or our outdoor cannabis gardens. It can be applied from ger [...]

  • 100 ml7.50€
  • 300ml14.00€


Nitrozyme is a growth enhancer for plants, made ​​from concentrate of seaweed extract. This gives the product a lot of growth promoting natural substances. and also micronutrients and exotic bio stimulators. All these biological elements are fou [...]

  • 100ml (Product sold out)10.90€
  • 300ml (Product sold out)18.00€


Formulex is a very balanced fertilizer designed for all cultivations of marijuana, complete with all macro and micro nutrients for an optimal growth of our marijuana plants. Formulex stands out by containing all nutrintes required for the plants in [...]

  • 100ml (Product sold out)3.50€

Liquid oxygen

Liquid Oxygen by Growth Technology is a highly effective cleansing and oxygenating agent for hydroponic cannabis growing systems. Liquid Oxygen contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which quickly breaks down in your nutrient tank, adding extra ions of o [...]

  • 1 L12.00€

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