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Herborizer 270g Closed Loop Extraction System

Warning! These systems are intended for a specialist public familiar with this type of extractors.The delivery of this product is 4 to 7 bussiness days after purchase.

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Herborizer presents this closed circuit BHO extraction system with capacity for 270g of material, enough to make high quality extractions in large quantities.

Produce professional quality extractions simply and safely at home with Herborizer's closed loop BHO extractor, now available online in the Alchimiaweb catalogue.

Herborizer 270g Closed Loop System

Thanks to the Herborizer Closed Loop system featured here, you can run up to 270g of flowers at one time. BHO enthusiasts can take advantage of this capacity to make a good sized head stash of oil and not be obliged to extract too often.

A huge advantage of this kind of system is the ability to recover the gas for reuse in future extractions. This offers big savings on gas consumption and costs, as this system uses over 1L of butane.

Reusing the gas also serves to clean the butane of impurities resulting from the lubricant added in order to facilitate the process of filling the canisters with gas. By performing an empty run, without material, we can recover and remove this lubricant, known as "Mystery Oil". Now the "purified" gas can be used to produce clean and safe BHO extractions.

This is a passive extraction system, meaning that the flow of gas occurs through the difference in temperature between the two containers. There is no need for a gas recovery pump to perform the extraction. However, to be able to enjoy clean, residue-free extractions, the results will need to be properly purged using, for example, a vacuum purge kit.

Herborizer Closed Loop System 270g contains:

  • 2 tank for solvents: 15.30cm x30.60cm
  • 1 Tube for the grass: 3.80cm x 91.40cm
  • 1 Threaded cap with standard valve and hose adapter
  • 3 Clamping rings
  • 3 Viton seals
  • 1 Viton seal with 150 micron filter
  • 1 Pressure gauge
  • 1 Flexible stainless steel and teflon (PTFE) hose 152cm

This system, like all Closed Loop systems must be operated outdoors, to avoid the risk of explosion.

Check out the tutorial video for the Herborizer Mini Closed Loop to learn how to use your extraction system.

Herborizer 270g Closed Loop System info:

  • Passive closed circuit
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Mirror polished interior
  • Herb capacity: 270g
  • Gas capacity: 1200-1500ml
  • Reuse butane gas
  • Elimination of the lubricants present in the gas (Mystery Oil)

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rich 19-03-2020 when will you have this back in stock please


Alchimia Grow Shop 25-03-2020 Hi Rich, thanks for your enquiry. Sorry it's taken a few days to get an answer, but it appears that this model of extractor is currently out of stock with the distributor too, I'm afraid. If you click on the orange bell icon next to the price, we'll let you know when it's back in stock. All the best!

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