Herborizer Closed Loop BHO Extraction System

Herborizer Closed Loop BHO Extraction System

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Alchimia presents the Herborizer Closed Loop extraction system, it allows you to perform BHO extractions easily and safely at home, taking advantage of all the advantages provided by this kind of system.

Now you can extract your own professional-grade BHO at home with the Herborizer Closed Loop extractor.

Herborizer Closed Loop, for clean BHO extractions

The Herborizer system shown here is capable of extracting 90g of flowers in one go, enough to get a good amount of BHO in one pass.

Closed Loop systems have many advantages, including the recovery of gas. Indeed, thanks to the airtightness of this type of system, it is possible to recover the gas after each extraction and reuse it for subsequent sessions. This means great savings in gas, something beneficial not only to your wallet, but also for the environment.

A very important aspect to take into account when "open blasting" or extracting directly from a tube into a pyrex dish, is the presence of "Mystery Oil" in this kind of concentrate. Tihs is because bottled butane contains a large amount of lubricant, which is added at the factory to make filling the canisters easier. By using a closed circuit, it is possible to perform a session without material, ie. without cannabis, which allows us to clean the gas of oil and reuse it to make BHO that's free of impurities.

This type of Closed Loop is designated as "passive" because there is no need to use a recovery pump to perform the extraction. The flow of gas works due to temperature differences between the two tanks. Before consumption, it will still need to be properly purged, by using a vacuum purge kit or a vacuum oven.

Herborizer Closed Loop 90g System includes:

  • 2 tanks for solvents: 15.30cm x 15.30cm
  • 1 Tube for the material: 3.80cm x 30.40cm
  • 1 Threaded cap with standard valve and hose adapter
  • 3 Clamps
  • 3 Viton seals
  • 1 Viton seal with 150 micron filter
  • 1 pressure gauge
  • 1 flexible stainless steel and teflon (PTFE) hose 122cm

We remind you that you must ALWAYS DO YOUR EXTRACTING OUTDOORS, regardless of the type of solvent or the extraction system used.

Check out our tutorial video for the Herborizer Mini Closed Loop to learn how to use your extraction system.

Herborizer Closed Loop 90g System info:

  • Passive closed circuit
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Mirror polished interior
  • Herb capacity: 90g
  • Gas capacity: 600 ml
  • Recovers gas for reuse
  • Removes Mystery Oil

Video ofHerborizer Closed Loop BHO Extraction System

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