Herbva X Multipurpose Vaporiser

Herbva X Multipurpose Vaporiser

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Herbva X by Aristech is a multifunctional portable vaporiser ideal for vaporising flowers, wax and extractions of BHO or Rosin... all in one device!

At 7.5 x 3 cm in size, it's very compact, comfortably fitting in the pocket and, being really lightweight, it is a portable device very easy to carry.

Its battery has a capacity of 1800mhA and offers a good life, lasting for 5 vaping sessions, usually enough for a full day of moderate consumption, like the majority of portable vaporisers on the market.

The battery charges in 2 to 3 hours thanks to a charger with USB plug and micro USB port, allowing users to recharge it on any available electronic device. The battery indicates its charge level by a coloured scale, with green for a charge of 100 to 75%, blue for half the charge and red when the battery needs to be recharged.

It is easy to use thanks to its single button with which we will control all the functions of the vaporiser. To switch it on simply press it 5 times in quixk succession. Once turned on, pressing twice adjusts the temperature. The temperature range is between 190ºC and 224ºC. The upper LED, the closest to the suction nozzle, indicates the maximum temperature, and the other LED indicates the minimum temperature.

It has 5 preset operating temperatures ranging from 190 to 224ºC. The lowest temperature is ideal to better appreciate the aromas, while for maximum vapour density we will have to use the highest temperature.

The unit heats to the preselected temperature in 20 to 40 seconds. When it is warming up, we can see a flashing light that will stay on when the desired temperature is reached.

For a softer and smoother flavour we can use the bubbler. It's as simple as filling the bubbler with a little water to cool the vapour, and connect it to the vaporiser by first removing the mouthpiece.

This is a compact but powerful vaporiser, capable of creating large clouds of vapour. It is ideal for cannabis users looking for versatility in their vape sessions, thanks to the cartridges provided with the device. It has 3 cartridges, one for flowers, one for wax and a third for BHO or Rosin.

Accessories included with the vaporiser:

  • USB/Micro USB charging cable
  • Dabber for resins
  • Brush to clean the bowl
  • 3 cartridges: Herbs, Wax, BHO
  • 2 replacement silicone connections
  • Black cover to store the vaporizer

Aristech Herbva X Vaporizer info:

  • Small and portable
  • Large amount of vapour despite the very small size of the device
  • 5 Spray sessions with a full battery
  • 2.5h to recharge its 1800mhA battery
  • 5 vaporization temperatures
  • Can be connected to a bong

Accessories of Herbva X Multipurpose Vaporiser

Herbva X Mouthpiece

Herbva X Mouthpiece

There are only 3 units

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Opinions about Herbva X Multipurpose Vaporiser and questions

can you use this vaoorizer for dry sift or bubble hash?
Alchimia Grow Shop
Hi and thanks for your question. Yes you can vaporize hash in this unit but the results will greatly depend upon the quality and purity of the hash. "Full melt" hash can be treated more or less the same as wax or shatter, while lower quality hash will leave a great deal of un-vaporised residue in the chamber, which could be a pain to clean out. I think it'll work, but you'll have to find the correct temperature to achieve vaporisation without reaching combustion temperatures. I hope that helps, all the best and happy vaping!
Good day, I purchase the Herbva x, and I was wondering how to use shatter in it, the bullet that come with it for wax has cotton and a small screen in it, do I use this or not, I would appreciate if I could get some guidance Thank you
Alchimia Grow Shop
Hi Danny, thanks for your question. From what I've read, the cotton is for use with what they call "thick oils" or "vape oils", I think that'd be things like raw CBD oil or FECO type products. With that in mind, I'd treat shatter the same way as wax and fill the chamber without the cotton, then fit the screen before screwing the bullet into the mouthpiece. I hope that helps. All the best and happy vaping!
Yo this item succs slot I really don't like I only get like 3 bowls then it freaking dies it get my infuriated
Alchimia Grow Shop
Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems with this device. Please write to info@alchimiaweb.com with all the details and we'll see if it could be a faulty battery. All the best.
Hey there! I’ve had my vape since December and has been great, however even though it’s charged and clean I can’t seem to inhale any smoke. Why is that?
Alchimia Grow Shop

Hi Marissa, before you go under any other verification, you may want to verify that the battery is effectively charged (with the good indications of colored led lights sequences - references available in the user manual) and if the heating element and chamber are not damaged in any way shape or form. Best regards ;-)

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