Humic and fulvic acids Fulvocann

Alchimia presents FulvoCann, a humic and fulvic acids additive to support our plants along the cultivation cycle.

FulvoCann is available in 120ml, 250ml or 1L bottles, ready to add to your usual formulation. This product is not replacement for your usual fertiliser and additive kit.

Fulvocann, for strong and healthy plants

Humic and fulvic acids promote seed germination, improving the plant immune system. They also enhance a healthy and vigorous root network.

They are an excellent stimulator improving the plants nutrients absorption.

This product increases the harvest enhancing aromas and flavours. FulvoCann liquid humic and fulvic acids come from 100% organic Siberian Leornadite.

FulvoCann, Humic and fulvic acids info:

  • 120ml, 250ml or 1L
  • Humic and fulvic acids
  • Applicable throughout the plant life cycle
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