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Terralba Hydrolyzed Kelp

Discover Terralba Kelp Hydrolysate in our catalogue of organic nutrients, for healthier plants and explosive flowering.

Kelp hydrolysate offers a high concentration of vitamins, iron, iodine, trace elements, auxin growth hormones and cytokinins, betaines, abscisic acids and ethylene and contains 21% organic potash.

This potent cocktail makes it possible to cultivate healthy plants, with well-developed roots and lush, green leaves thanks to the increase in chlorophyll production. The use of Kelp hydrolysate promotes the development of microbial life in the substrate while combating osmotic stress.

Ideal for oxygenated compost teas, it can also be used when watering, spraying, mixing with the substrate, or top-dressing.


  • Mixed with substrate: 5g per 10l (about 5kg)
  • Foliar spray: 0.5g per litre
  • Top dressing/surface application: 10g per m2
  • Teas and watering: 2.5g per 10l of solution

Terralba Kelp Hydrolysate info:

  • Seaweed extract obtained by alkaline hydrolysis
  • Free of any preservative agent
  • Water soluble
  • Origin: Norway
  • Usable in Organic Farming
  • NPK: 1-0,1-21
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