Itqal is a prebiotic that acts quickly on the plant making it more resistant to fungal, viral, bacterial and viroid attacks. It increases resistance to drought, excess water, wind dehydration, substrate salinity, excess light, etc. It has a fast act [...]

  • 250 ml27.00€


Damabiah is a biostimulant created by The Hype Company. This product is based on marine plants such as Ascophyllum nodosum, also known as Kelp. This algae is used in agriculture for its amazing qualities with an important organic acid, amino acid and [...]

  • 500 ml33.00€


The Hype Raziel is a solid, organic and natural plant rooter that provides an explosive root development. It promotes a wide spread of secondary and tertiary roots in order to conquer the substrate, regardless of the growing medium used, be it soil, [...]

  • 100 g27.00€
  • 200 gr42.50€


The Hype Samax is a silicon supplement. This element is very important for strengthening the plant tissue cell walls and thus improving the overall plant development. Thanks to this extra silicon supply, plants are healthier, more resistant, more vig [...]

  • 250ml17.50€

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