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Innervisions Z-Strain spore syringe

Now available online in the catalogue of Alchimia Grow Shop, Psilocybe Cubensis Z Strain spore syringes, ready to inoculate sterilized grain or a "mushbag" like those found in our mushroom grow kits.

These spores will be transformed into mycelium which, once in the fruiting phase, will produce magic mushrooms.

Psilocybes Cubensis Z-Strain are characterized by their high resistance and aggressiveness in colonising the substrate, developing very fast and producing abundant harvests in a short time.

Innervisions Z-Strain Spore Syringe info:

  • 5ml spores
  • Genetics: Psilocybe Cubensis Z-Strain
  • Ideal for inoculating sterilized grain or "mushbags"
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  • Mycelium loaves and spores are exclusively for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental studies.
  • They are not intended for agricultural or food use.
  • Innervisions and Alchimia can not be held responsible for any illegal use that third parties may make of these products.

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