Grow tent kits with LED lighting

LED lighting equipment, thanks to the electronic evolution, is becoming more and more efficient, reducing consumption and increasing performance. This is the case in industrial and public lighting, and increasingly in domestic lighting, where we can find truly professional gardening equipment.

The performance with respect to electricity costs, especially with the enormous increase in the cost of electricity in recent times, has been spectacular. We observe how the efficiency of the cultivation LEDs is increasing day by day. In each new equipment presented to the market, the lighting efficiency increases and, at the same time, lower temperature ranges are obtained with respect to the HPS/MH or LEC lighting systems.

All these reasons make growers consider investing in these new lighting technologies when renewing the equipment. Furthermore, it is also a matter of reducing costs in the short/medium term due to the electricity costs.

In this category we present what we consider to be the perfect kits for growing cannabis indoors, with all the necessary accessories for successful installation. From a complete growth tent, LED lighting equipment, extractor, fan, filter and all the necessary to obtain a perfect cultivation with just a little bit of effort.


Basic Kit LED Jackson 250w + Grow Tent 100cmx100cmx200cm

Alchimia presents the Basic Kit LED Jackson 250w + Grow Tent 100cmx100cmx200cm. A kit at a competitive price to start growing with high efficiency and low power consumption. With the Kit LED Jackson 250w + Grow tent, there is no excuse to cultivate [...]

  • (Out of stock)364.66€ 346.43€

Basic grow kit with LED for grow tent 80 cm x 80 cm

Kit specially designed for growing marijuana indoors with a LED light in a space of 80 cm x 80 cm. This product offers all the necessary complements, together with the 80 x 80 grow tent and the LED light, to get started in the world of self-cultivati [...]

  • The Jackson 250w (Out of stock)482.47€ 458.35€
  • Pure Led Q 240w488.41€
  • The Jackson Nemesis 200w550.51€ 522.99€
  • Lumatek ATS Pro 200w609.43€

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