400W ADJUST A WINGS Enforcer Kit - Flowering

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Warning! It is essential to set the ballast to the 400w position so that the included bulb (400w) is not damaged. Setting the position of the ballast to 600w may cause the bulb to explode.

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The 400W Adjust-a-wings Enforcer Kit for the flowering stage is the cheapest lighting kit in our catalog including a 400W Adjust-a-wings reflector.

This kit is ideal for the flowering stage in spaces measuring up to 1 m2. It includes a Adjust-a-wings Enforcer reflector, an Xtrasun Dimmable electronic ballast (250-400-600W) and a 400W Sylvania HPS bulb, which will allow you to work in the strictest safety measures.

Although the ballast is dimmable, it is important never to exceed the maximum bulb power, in this case 400W, otherwise the bulb will be damaged (it may melt or even blow). The electronic dimmable ballast has the advantage that, if at a later stage one wants to increase the cultivation production, it will only be necessary to replace the bulb with a new 600W one.

Its quick installation and good distribution of lumens per growing space make of this the best 400W kit in our Adjust-a-wings line.

The kit includes the following products:

  • Xtrasun Dimmable electronic ballast (250-400-600W)
  • 400W Sylvania HPS bulb
  • Adjust-a-wings Enforcer Reflector
  • 2x Alchimia LightHangers
  • 3x2.5 Black Cable, Male Plug & Play

The total price of the products included in this kit is 186.90 euros, while its promotional price is only 129.9 euros.


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