Kit Gavita Pro Line E-Serie Pro 100W

Gavita lighting systems are now available at Alchimiaweb.com. Now you can equip your garden with professional systems and obtain unparalleled results. Gavita, professional quality in your garden Gavita Pro Line E-Series lighting systems are enhance [...]

  • 723.98€ 579.18€
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Adjust - Newlite 600W Dual Electronic lighting kit

Alchimia Grow Shop includes now in its catalogue the electronic lighting kit including a Newlite ballast, an Xtrasun HPS 600W bulb and a Adjust-A-Wings professional reflector, a perfect kit for getting the most out of our 120x120cm indoor grow tents. [...]

  • 155.00€
Coming Soon

Newlite 600W Dual Electronic lighting kit

You can find now in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop, the Newlite ballast and the Xtrasun HPS 600W bulb electronic lighting kit, ideal for starting up 120x120cm indoor grow tents. This is the perfect kit for those growers getting into home cann [...]

  • 120.00€

Lighting kit NANOLUX NorthStar 250w Philips

Full lighting kit for indoor marijuana growing. Its 250w light output, and the choice between growth or flowering bulb, will allow us to begin to grow marijuana without spending more than necessary. Perfect for micro crops. The bulb included is a H [...]

  • Bloom (Product sold out)260.00€
  • Growing (Product sold out)270.00€

Newlite 1000W Double-Ended lightning Kit

Alchimia presents the Newlite 1000W lighting kit for double-ended bulb. Professional equipment to install in your greenhouse or grow room, now in our indoor cannabis growing catalogue. Newlite offers this 1000W lighting kit that works with Doub [...]

  • without bulb499.00€
  • + HPS DE bulb578.90€
  • + MH DE Bulb598.90€

Lumatek Adjust 600w dual lighting kit

Lighting kit Adjust with Lumatek 600w bulb of mixed spectrum, thought for the growing in areas of 1.20 m2, without complicating our lifes, making it easy. And it is so for several reasons: the dual spectrum lamp, the result of the mixture of orange [...]

  • 284.00€

Lumatek Adjust 400w dual Lighting kit

The Lumatek Adjust 400w dual Lighting kit incorporates a dual spectrum Lumatek 400w bulb, ideal for growing in 1m2 and for those who do not want to complicate their lifes. This is so because of the mixed spectrum that it offers, that mixes orange an [...]

  • 232.70€

250W Lumatek Adjust Dual Lighting Kit

New 250W Lumatek Adjust Dual lighting kit designed to be used in a growing area of 1.20 m2. This kit includes: the dual spectrum bulb - orange and white hues - which makes it perfect for both growth and flowering of your marijuana plants without the [...]

  • 212.00€

Lighting kit Lumatek Electronic 600w HPS Controllable

Lighting kit HPS incorporates a Lumatek HPS 600 w lamp with wide spectrum light, ideal for growing in an area of 1.20m2 and ideal for those who do not want to complicate their lives, because thanks to its wide spectrum, it can be used not only in flo [...]

  • 215.00€

Lighting kit Lumatek Electronic 400w mixed

Lighting Kit HPS with Bulb Lumatek of 400w of mixed spectrum, perfect for those growers who have 1m2 and who want a lot of versatility, because thanks to its dual-spectrum, blend of orange and white light, we can use it in the growth phase or bloom, [...]

  • 240.00€

250W Lumatek Dual Lighting Kit

Get in Alchimia this lighting kit with 250w Lumatek Dual bulb, designed for those marijuana growers who have a growing area of less than 1m2 and look for maximum comfort. Thanks to its dual spectrum, combining Orange and White hues, it can be used ei [...]

  • 216.75€

Lumatek Pro Lighting Kit

TheLumatek 400w pro lighting kit is a dual spectrum kit designed for marijuana growers seeking high quality materials in one of the most important aspects of our indoor growroom , the lighting system. This professional indoor kit meet all the necess [...]

  • 400W228.50€
  • 600W290.00€

250W Lumatek PRO Dual Lighting Kit

New kit in Alchimia, the250w Lumatek PRO Dual lighting kit is adressed for those growers who want to get the best quality materials to cover one of the most important aspects of cannabis growing, the lighting system. This professional lighting kit [...]

  • 207.00€

250W Grow Electronic Light Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the 250W Grow Electronic Light Kit, perfect for the vegetative development stage in your indoor cannabis grow tent. 250W Grow Electronic Light Kit, efficiency and quality This kit includes all the necessary elements for [...]

  • 135.00€

Lighting ELECTRONIC Kit Philips Pia ST 250w - Flowering

Electronic Lighting Kit Philips Son T Pia of 250w - Flowering is the flowering lighting kit for flowering of 250 W of better performance of the Electronic product line, ideal for small growing areas.The feature that distinguishes the kits of the Elec [...]

  • 141.50€

Lighting ELECTRONIC Kit Sylvania HPS 250w - Flowering

The Electronic lighting kit Sylvania HPS of 250 w - flowering is the best priced lighting kit for flowering of that ones which form the Electronic product line, it's ideal for small growing spaces.The feature that distinguishes the kits of the Electr [...]

  • 135.00€

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