Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W 400V Lighting Kit

Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W 400V Lighting Kit
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Lumatek Ultimate PRO 600w and 400V lighting system kit is a traditional HPS lighting system using a 400V ballast. It has been designed for small-scale cannabis self-growers for it use at home but with the advantages of a professional equipment.

The ballast is equipped with a microprocessor that automatically detects the bulb type operating, either a traditional 240V or a new generation 400V, so the grower can use the more suitable bulb at any times. It should be noted that 240V metal halide lamps are also compatible.

400V bulbs emit more light PAR, they are more efficient and have a greater light spectrum than 240V bulbs. So, undoubtedly the best option is 400V bulbs as opposed to 240V ones.

Lumatek Ultimate 600w Controllable ballast has a potentiometer to regulate the power to 400W, 400W SL, 600W and 600W SL. The power can be increased or reduced according to the cultivation stage or the cultivator needs based on temperature variations, low humidity, etc.

The HPS 600W/400V Lumatek bulb is included in this kit, offering a mixed spectrum for the vegetative development and the flowering stage. We can benefit from 400V bulbs from the beginning of the cultivation.

Lumatek Ultimate PRO 600w 400V Lighting Kit Reflector

Northstar reflector is excellent for 1.20x1.20m enclosures, offering great reflective power and light distribution that avoids dark areas and promotes our cannabis plants even development. At the top of the reflector there is a ventilation system that extracts the hot air emitted by the bulb via an air extractor, or as a hot air dissipation point in passive mode.

The Adjust a Wing Avenger medium is a reference reflector characterised by its high reflection rate. It has an easy-to-use system for opening or closing the wings and adjusting the light distribution according to the grower needs. This reflector medium model is ideal for 1m2 to 1.20x1.20m grow tents.

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