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HM Lumatek electronic lighting kit + Indoor Matrix

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lumatek MH electronic lighting + Indoor Matrix kit, a set that includes all the elements necessary for the lighting installation in your indoor marijuana garden. As a power supply unit it incorporates a 400W or 600W Lumat [...]

  • 400W225.99€ 203.35€
  • 600W289.75€ 260.75€

HM Lumatek electronic lighting kit + Adjust Avenger

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Lumatek electronic lighting + Adjust Avenger kit, a set with all necessary elements to operate the light in your indoor grow tent. This kit includes a 400W or 600W Lumatek adjustable electronic ballast. It is compatib [...]

  • 400W230.25€ 207.20€
  • 600W289.75€ 260.75€

Lumatek Tekken Pro 630w LEC CMH DE

Lumatek Tekken KIT is the new LEC CMH CMD lighting system from Lumatek, a company well-known for producing quality electronic ballasts with adjustable power. Lumatek introduces the Tekken Kit, a 630w CMH ceramic discharge metal-halide kit. A quality [...]

  • Hammertone reflector w/ 3100 K Bulb450.00€
  • Hammertone reflector w/ 4200 k bulb450.00€
  • MIRO® reflector w/ 3100 K Bulb475.00€
  • MIRO® reflector w/ 4200 K Bulb475.00€

Lumatek Zeus 1000w Pro LED

Alchimia presents Lumatek Zeus 1000W Pro LED lighting system, a lamp suitable for cultivation areas up to 160 x 160cm, offering a high light output and a perfect light spectrum for a flourishing cultivation. Lumatek Zeus 1000w Pro LED lamp, powerful [...]

  • 1,969.00€

Kit Lumatek Aurora 2 x 315w + Alchi Box 240L

Here at Alchimia we are happy to present this grow tent kit with two LEC or 315w CMH Aurora lamps. It has been designed for cannabis growers interested in using two LEC/CMH lamps on their crops. The new LEC/CMH lighting kits significantly reduce your [...]

  • 1,287.00€ 1,158.25€

Lumatek HPS Bulb

HPS lamp by manufacturer Lumatek, known for offering high quality products for our indoor growing facility, such as its electronic ballast with power regulator. This range of bulbs have a wide spectrum, i.e. they offer a range of colours that will b [...]

  • 400w (Product sold out)29.99€ 26.95€
  • 600w36.99€ 33.25€

Lumatek 250W HPS - Dual Spectrum (Growth and Bloom)

Now available in Alchimiaweb, the 250W Lumatek HPS bulb is the perfect lamp for those seeking the best quality in their small marijuana growing space without having to change the lamp when flowering plants. Its Wide spectrum includes white and orang [...]

  • 19.99€ 17.95€

1000W Lumatek Metal Halide Lamp presents the 1000W 240V Lumatek Metal Halide Lamp. It provides an ideal white-blue light spectrum to ensure the vigorous vegetative growth of our plants. 1000W Lumatek Metal Halide Lamp, quartz arc tube technology Lumatek has design [...]

  • 52.90€ 47.60€

250W Lumatek Metal Halide lamp presents the Lumatek 250W 240V Metal Halide Lamp. It provides a blue-white light spectrum ideal for vegetative plant development in your indoor marijuana cultivation. 250W Lumatek Metal Halide lamp, with a quartz arc tube It is a la [...]

  • 18.90€ 17.00€

Lumatek Adjust 600w dual lighting kit

Lighting kit Adjust with Lumatek 600w bulb of mixed spectrum, thought for the growing in areas of 1.20 m2, without complicating our lifes, making it easy. And it is so for several reasons: the dual spectrum lamp, the result of the mixture of orange [...]

  • 284.00€ 255.55€

Lumatek Adjust 400w dual Lighting kit

The Lumatek Adjust 400w dual Lighting kit incorporates a dual spectrum Lumatek 400w bulb, ideal for growing in 1m2 and for those who do not want to complicate their lifes. This is so because of the mixed spectrum that it offers, that mixes orange an [...]

  • 232.70€ 209.40€

250W Lumatek Adjust Dual Lighting Kit

New 250W Lumatek Adjust Dual lighting kit designed to be used in a growing area of 1.20 m2. This kit includes: the dual spectrum bulb - orange and white hues - which makes it perfect for both growth and flowering of your marijuana plants without the [...]

  • 212.00€ 190.80€

Lighting kit Lumatek Electronic 600w HPS Controllable

Lighting kit HPS incorporates a Lumatek HPS 600 w lamp with wide spectrum light, ideal for growing in an area of 1.20m2 and ideal for those who do not want to complicate their lives, because thanks to its wide spectrum, it can be used not only in flo [...]

  • 215.00€ 193.45€

Lighting kit Lumatek Electronic 400w mixed

Lighting Kit HPS with Bulb Lumatek of 400w of mixed spectrum, perfect for those growers who have 1m2 and who want a lot of versatility, because thanks to its dual-spectrum, blend of orange and white light, we can use it in the growth phase or bloom, [...]

  • 240.00€ 216.00€

250W Lumatek Dual Lighting Kit

Get in Alchimia this lighting kit with 250w Lumatek Dual bulb, designed for those marijuana growers who have a growing area of less than 1m2 and look for maximum comfort. Thanks to its dual spectrum, combining Orange and White hues, it can be used ei [...]

  • 216.75€ 195.05€

Aurora 315w Replacement Reflector

All reflectors have a useful lifespan and it is recommendable to replace them when they become dark through constant use at high temperatures, which means their power of reflection is reduced with the passing of time. With this replacement reflector [...]

  • 34.49€ 27.55€

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