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1000W Lumatek HPS electronic kit + Adjust Avenger

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the 1000W Lumatek HPS electronic kit + Adjust Avenger, developed to be used along the entire plant cultivation cycle for your indoor marijuana plants in a room or tent up to 1.5x1.5m. The kit core element is the Lumatek 1 [...]

  • 441.00€

Lumatek Pro HPS 600W 400V DE lamp

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lumatek Pro HPS 600W 400V DE lamp. It is intended for use in the flowering stage offering an orange spectrum. It is designed to maximise energy performance as much as possible, perfect for growers who want to make the most [...]

  • 48.99€

LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w KIT + 120 Grow Tent

The LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w kit+ 120x120x200cm grow tent has been designed for growers who are looking for a quality cultivation equipment. Taking advantage of the great benefits of CMH lights as opposed to the HPS bulbs and in addition looking f [...]

  • 624.00€

Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W 400V Lighting Kit

Lumatek Ultimate PRO 600w and 400V lighting system kit is a traditional HPS lighting system using a 400V ballast. It has been designed for small-scale cannabis self-growers for it use at home but with the advantages of a professional equipment. The [...]

  • Northstar282.00€
  • Adjust A Wings286.35€

LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w KIT + Alchibox 100

We present this excellent grow tent Kit with a Lumatek Aurora 315w CMH LEC lighting system. The next generation of lighting technology, perfect for high quality cultivation in a 100x100x200cm grow tent. The kit comes with everything you'll need to pr [...]

  • 605.00€

Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro 2.9 LED

Lumatek have brought us a step closer to the perfect LED lamp with their new Zeus 600w Pro 2.9, a linear multi-light bar fixture producing very high levels of PPF (1770 µmol/s) and a very high efficacy (up to 2.9 µmol/J). Now available on [...]

  • 1,175.00€

Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector

Alchimiaweb presents the professional Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector, with an enclosed design and double-ended socket. It is designed to maximise light efficiency from the HM/HPS 400V or CMH bulb, thereby optimising your indoor marijuana cultivation [...]

  • Hammertone117.99€
  • Miro149.99€

Lumatek CMH 315w controllable ballast with E40 adapter

The Lumatek CMH 315w controllable ballast with E40 bulb adaptor is a 315w CMH lighting kit that allows growers to use the new ceramic metal halide bulbs that give full spectrum light that emulates sunlight and emit more light Umol (PAR) and higher UV [...]

  • 154.99€

Lumatek HPS Lamp 1000W 240V

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Lumatek HPS Lamp 1000W 240V, intended for a healthy plant development along the flowering stages. Lumatek HPS Lamp 1000W 240V, with ceramic arc tube technology It is a dual spectrum HPS lamp engineered to offer its m [...]

  • 59.99€

Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W DE CMH/HPS 400V

Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS 400V is a compact lighting kit from the renowned brand of lighting systems Lumatek that has created a complete, new generation lamp, designed to use latest double-ended (DE) bulbs, and able to take both 600w DE HPS bulbs an [...]

  • Without Bulb309.00€
  • 600w HPS DE Bulb355.00€
  • 630w CMH DE Bulb445.00€
  • With CMH/630w and HPS/600w bulbs495.00€

Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W CMH/HPS Ballast

Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS is an electronic controlled hybrid ballast where both HPS and CMH double-ended (DE) bulbs can be operated. This feature adds a plus of usability to this quality ballast, equipped with potentiometer, dimming from a range of [...]

  • 217.99€

Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro, a professional LED panel designed in order to obtain the best yield and quality in your indoor grow tent. The LED panel measures 998x900x51.9mm and weighs 11kg. It is adaptable to 1.2x1.2m g [...]

  • 909.00€

Lumatek ATS Pro

We present ATS 300w Pro and ATS 200w Pro by Lumatek, the new version of the ATS 300w and 200w models. These have been technically improved with more power in terms of efficiency and PPF, with the use of the latest Lumled diodes. These are ideal for a [...]

  • 200w369.00€
  • 300w505.00€

Lumatek Aurora 315w CMH LEC 3100 K

The Aurora is the new LEC CMH lighting system from Lumatek, a company well-known for producing high quality HPS electronic ballasts with adjustable power. Lumatek presents Lumatek Aurora, a 315w ceramic discharge metal-halide kit. A quality lighting [...]

  • 324.99€

Lumatek LED Zeus 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2 presents Lumatek LED Zeus 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2, a high performance luminaire designed to maximise cultivation performance in a professional way. This is the most powerful grow light on the market and now is available in our catalogue [...]

  • 1,915.00€

Lumatek Utopia 1000W DE HPS 400V

Lumatek Utopia 1000W DE HPS 400V is a conventional lighting system at its best. It has 1000w of power to light the bulb via a 1000w adjustable electronic ballast accompanied by a high quality reflector known for its wide reflection power that helps t [...]

  • Without Bulb379.00€
  • With 1000w DE bulb450.00€

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