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Here we present regular seeds of M2, a 100% Sativa variety from Elev8 Seeds, now available online in the Alchimiaweb catalogue.

M2, a 100% Sativa cannabis strain

M2 is a hybrid whose effects resemble those of strains from the 60s and 70s, offering a chance for the younger generations to experience the potency of a 100% Sativa strain. M2 is technically not a landrace strain, but a cross of four landrace varieties, plus Original Haze.

M2 is ideal for walking, socialising, laughing... and for giving creative impulses in the context of artistic activities or for listening to music with anti-anxiety effects. According to Elev8 Seeds, they've never smoked a strain with such a perfect sativa high.

M2, high yields and unique flavors

M2 is made up of four landrace Sativas and Original Haze, a strain created by the Haze brothers many years ago. The organoleptic properties are unique and hard to describe - in summary, she has very refreshing lemon terpenes. A sativa with these characteristics has longer flowering times than current hybrids, but it's worth the wait, because she's a very heavy yielder. The breeder of M2 claims he typically gets yields of over 220g when growing in 3 gallon pots (just over 11L).

This strain produces some phenotypes with loose and airy flowers typical of landrace sativas and other specimens with good flower density that can mature after 11 weeks in bloom, but are not comparable to the effects produced by phenotypes that require 14 weeks of flowering.

M2, 40 years in the making

The breeder of M2, named Greg, has been working on this variety for 40 years and decided that the genetics would be exclusive to Elev8 Seeds, meaning that he will not make it available to other seedbanks.

Greg, by virtue of his profession as a photographer, traveled all over and preserved the seeds of those varieties which he considered to be the best in the world. Whenever he made a cross, he tagged it accordingly. When he reached the perfection he was looking for in the strain, he labeled the seed lot as "M2".

M2 is a very flexible strain , a fact that growers should keep in mind, she continues to stretch during flowering and therefore should have a minimal vegetative period. It is recommended to start directly with a 12/12 photoperiod from the time when the seedlings are old enough be passed into flowering.

The purer, more energetic Sativa-effect phenotypes will not show any flower formation until 10 weeks, they start slowly but flower development increases rapidly thereafter. The faster plants can be ready in 10 weeks of flowering if they are grown from cuttings or in 12-14 weeks if they are grown from seeds.

This variety is not recommended for outdoor cutivation.

Features of M2 from Elev8 Seeds:

  • Regular seeds
  • 100% Sativa
  • Genetics: Sri Lanka Landrace x Thai Landrace (Extinct) x Acapulco Gold (Mexican Landrace) x (South African Landrace x Original Haze)
  • Flowering indoors: 10-14 weeks
  • Yield: Huge

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